Radiohead icon contest winners announced!

The Radiohead icon contest that has been going on over at our message board, Mortigi Tempo, has come to a close and the winners have been announced! Congratulations to David Allen for his Mac OS X icons and Joseph Hosford for the Windows icons. Sadly, there were no Linux icons submitted.
Radiocoocoo, who came up with the contest and judged the entries, has this to say:

Thanks to all that entered my contest . I got many entries, well over a 100 of them, some good, some just silly. But none the less I have looked them all over and chosen the best I could.
A few things I looked for was originality, perspective, clarity and usefulness .
Lets also give a big hand to Jonathan for allowing me to do this contest on his message board & of course Stanley Donwood for supplying us with his art and creative writing over the past 9 years!!! oh yes its been nine years!
Make sure to visit his website its pretty weird, if yu like weird yu’ll like this
And always remember to SUPPORT the arts!
Again, thank yu ALL for making my desktop a fun space I sure hope you enjoy them too.
best wishes,
Radiocoocoo AKA. Rex Vanstee

To download the Mac OSX icons, click here.
For the Windows icons, click here.
Thanks to all that participated!

By Jonathan

New York, NY