Dead Air Space Updated

What’s this? Thom’s latest post at Dead Air Space has what appears to be a list of all the songs they have been working on! There are some familiar titles there like “Nude”, “House of Cards”, and “Last Flowers” just to name a few. It should be noted that not all of these songs will make the cut. It’s quite normal for a band to work on many songs during the recording process and then narrow down the ones they feel will fit on the album. Also, we cannot assume that these are all song titles. Some songs may not have names yet and are going by temporary titles. Here is a list of what we can read. If you see something we don’t, give us a shout.
01. No Shame
02. Videotape
03. Solutions
04. House of Cards
05. Bodysnatchers?
06. Morning M’ Lord
07. Faust Arp
08. Suit Don’t Fit
09. Nude
10. Arpeggi
11. Open Pick
12. A Pig’s Ear
13. Trills
14. Reckoner
15. Skirting on the Surface
16. Fela Kuti
17. Can Stylee
18. Burn the Witch
19. Down is the new Up
20. Walking on Stage Now
21. Last Flowers
Also, it appears that Thom will be meeting with Tony Blair.

By Jonathan

New York, NY