Me and This Army

radiohead_remix.jpgDJ Panzah Zandahz has gone and taken his favorite Radiohead tracks and remixed them with snippets of artists such as MF Doom, Jurrasic 5, De La Soul, and more. has this write up:
The album starts off with the scorpio-fused breakbeat work-out “Everything in Its Wrong Place” & progresses in to a warped version of Cut Chemist’s Litmus Test remix of Gab’s “Chemical alisthenics.” A remix of a remix I guess. Continuing on the Chemist theme MF Doom’s “Change the Beat” gets thrown in to a blender & comes out as a Jurassic 5 tinged re-working of Radiohead’s semi-obscure “Wicked Child.” The real heat is the “My Iron Lung” remix of Daytona 500. HEAT! PZ’s favorite emcee of all time, Edan, finds himself sharing the same meter as Radiohead in a noisy & lo-fi “Rapperfection” mash up of the “National Anthem” off of Kid A. The CD gets down-right weird when PZ covers “Creep” (the most covered RH song, PERIOD) featuring a robotic like-ness of Fred (its kind of a stretch) from “Fitter Happier.” Chord Organs, theremins, they are all there. A 45 minute sunday morning session in the studio led to a goofy & fun exclusive from Sev Statik (of PCM, Tunnel Rats, & Deep Space 5) going off over a re-working of his favorite RH break from Kid A. Sev even manages to share the same track with Kool Keith as “Optimistic” dissolves in to “Paperbag” & Keith lets loose with his usual banter about pecunious bugs & thugs that perpetrate. Two “Hail to Thief” Native Tongue remixes are next on the list & De La’s “Itsoweezee” becomes a completely different animal. An instrumental of PZ’s re-worked “No Suprises” ends off the originals set & the album finishes with three instrumentals that are best utilized by rhyming over in the shower.
PZ describes the album as “nothing to be taken too seriously, it was just a lot of fun to make & I hope that you have fun listening to it.” CD length is 42 minutes and there’s also a 7″ vinyl available with remixes of My Iron Lung and Wicked Child. Order the discs (and listen to some previews of the album on
Torrent and tracklist info can be found here.

By Jonathan

New York, NY