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We apologize for the not updating thing… really. In all honesty, things have been quite hectic and there hasn’t been time to give this site the proper attention it deserves. Fear not, faithful GP visitor! We intend to get back on track and provide you with the latest and greatest Radiohead information.
So, what’s new with Radiohead? We all know that they are in the process of recording their follow-up album to 2003’s Hail to the Thief. There is no release date set for the untitled album but if we were a betting site, we would wager that it is released this Fall. Don’t quote us on that, okay? Big news is that long time producer and “unofficial sixth member” Nigel Godrich will not involved with producing the album. Ed O’Brien recently mentioned that they had been talking to Mark “Spike” Stent, who worked with Madonna and Bjork, and that they plan to reconvene with him in February.
To test the new songs, the band plans to launch an American tour this Summer. We don’t have dates or cities yet, but expect them to be visiting major cities like Los Angeles, New York, Seattle, and Chicago to name a few. We do know that selected venues around the country have been approached by Radiohead for possible dates.
There are also rumors about appearances at Festivals like Coachella and Bonaroo, though again, these are just rumors. While there is a chance that they would play the Bonnaroo festival, the chances of also playing Coachella are slim. Bonnaroo is a music festival held in Manchester, Tennessee June 16-18 while Coachella, which the band played before in 2004, is held in Indio, California April 29-30.
Speaking of festivals, Radiohead should be playing the V Festival at Hylands Park, Chelmsford, and Weston Park, Staffs, on August 19-20, 2006 in the UK. This hasn’t officially been confirmed to us by Radiohead’s people but looks like it may happen.
Stay tuned!!

By Jonathan

New York, NY