New photos at DAS!

Head on over to Dead Air Space and check out the new photos posted by Colin. The most notable one is above, where the blackboard makes a return with some song titles listed. Since these songs appear under the word “Tour”, we would have to guess that these are the songs the band are rehearsing for their tour this Summer. Hey, and is that Ed with the short hair?
Here’s what is on the board:
– 5ths
– Bodysnatchers
– Videotape
– Open pick
– Bodies Laughing
– Trills
– Nude
– 15 Step
– Down is the New Up
– Bombers/ 4 Minute Warning
– Burn the Witch
– House of Cards
– Reckoner
– Mornin’ m’ Lord
– Go Slowly
– Arpeggi

By Jonathan

New York, NY