Plank’s blog

Wow, seems like everyone around Radiohead is starting a blog these days. Radiohead’s live technician, Plank, is setting up a blog which should be live May 1. Right now there is a small posting on his site which says:

This small posting is on this page temporarily, hopefully there will be a blog page up and running by about 1st May, which will be for guitar stuff, tech stuff, radiohead bits and pieces, woodwork, electronics and other random stuff!! Also hope to have a tech help / discussion thing going, will try to answer questions about radiohead guitar stuff but very busy at present with tour preparation. Here is pic of Thoms tele custom on the bench ready to be routed for tele deluxe pickup, this is needed as original bridge pickup wildly different from humbucker in front, it will now be a good sub for Tele1. open pic in new window for more detail. Hope to get more guitar pictures and info going as we get started on tour….. Next week will be v.busy as we move into the last week before packing down and heading for Copenhagen. Starting Monday 9am moving and repairing flightcases, buying spares before rehearsal starts at 11, not forgetting to put Tele2 back together !!

If you scroll down, you can see a picture of a guitar that was similar to a one Plank built for Ed that was stolen in 1995 while opening up for Soul Asylum in Denver. They’re still hoping that it can be retrieved along with the other equipment stolen.

By Jonathan

New York, NY