YouTube Friday

So, with all the goodness on YouTube, we thought we would showcase a few every week. Enjoy!
First up is Radiohead’s performance of “Anyone Can Play Guitar” live at the MTV Beach House in 1993. Seriously people, you should check this out. This is back when Ed wore flowing pirate shirts, Jonny favored children’s pajamas, Phil had hair, Colin hid in the back (well, that hasn’t changed much), and Thom’s bright blonde hair. Watch Thom jump in the pool! He nearly drowned and had to be saved by some of the workers on the set. Also, there was a fear that he would be electrocuted by the live mic.

Thom: “The beach party. We swore that would be the last time we’d do that fucking thing. An MTV beach party. Standing by a pool, because the sun didn’t come out.”
Next up is another oldie. Thom has described “Nobody Does It Better” as the sexiest song ever written. Watch them perform it live on MTV2:

This one is just plain funny. The quality is bad, but you should definitely check it out. In 1996, the band appeared on Hit Machine and performed “Just”. They are clearly lip-syncing to the song and not even playing the instruments. It’s amusing to watch the band mock the performance, with Jonny “playing” guitar left-handed and even “singing”.

And finally, we have one of the best performances Radiohead ever did on TV. This is from 2000, when they were musical guests on Saturday Night Live. This version of “Idioteque” is energetic and amazing, with Thom doing his little “Thom dance” and knocking over the mic stand at the end. Classic!

More next week!

By Jonathan

New York, NY