YouTube Friday

Here’s another installment of YouTube Friday here at Green Plastic. This week we have selected some wonderful Radiohead video clips for you to enjoy.
The first one is actually from one of the recent shows in Wolverhampton. Did you know that Jonny can play the keyboard with the head of his guitar? Sure, he’s been doing this for years but for some of you, this may be new….

The next video is from a 1998 Radiohead concert in San Francisco. Witness “The Trickster” live!

Yikes. I cringe every time I see the next one…

Okay, so the next one technically isn’t Radiohead, but it is kind of funny. Thom Yorke (played by Andy Dick) goes on a date to the Fun Center!

And finally, we have a clip of an interview Thom and Jonny did with MTV. Check out Thom’s laugh!

More next week!

By Jonathan

New York, NY