The Eraser – Leaked

As you probably know, Thom’s new album the Eraser was leaked out on the internet yesterday. Shocker, huh? No word on if XL will release the album earlier now because of the leak. We hope that those who do download the album will still go out and buy it on July 10 (UK) and July 11 (US). There’s nothing quite like going to a store and unwrapping a CD for the first time and listening to it.
MaxK made this post on the official messageboard:

…is that it screws up a lot of fun plans and stuff which you plan when youre making an album and are proud of it and want to play it to people. you just get this unceremonious dump of files rather than any artwork or anything.
there was a plan when ‘hail to the thief’ was being released to actually leak another album of other songs and demos all named as the ‘alternative’ titles just to mess with everyone a bit. instead the rough mix of the album got leaked and everyone thought “well why fucking bother, theres no point now”.

By Jonathan

New York, NY