Thom to be on cover of Spin

060601_thomyorke.jpgThere is certainly a lot of buzz going around the internet at the moment about the leaking of Thom Yorke’s album a month early (see Clickmusic,, This is Fake DIY, Dotmusic, Launch Yahoo!,, etc…). So, the album is out there, most likely leaked by someone who had been given an advance copy. As of now, there has been no official response by Thom or his management, though we can imagine he’s singing the chorus to “Black Swan” a lot lately. 😉
Anyway, Mr Yorke himself will be on the cover of the July 11th issue of Spin. There will also be a lengthy interview that you won’t want to miss. When you’re out buying the album that day (cause you are, right?), make sure to pick up a copy.
(thanks to Ari)

By Jonathan

New York, NY