Thom Yorke to appear on Henry Rollin’s TV show

Radiohead’s Thom Yorke has confirmed an appearance on an American chat show, reports
The star will be one of the guests on ‘The Henry Rollins Show’, where he will be promoting his debut solo album ‘The Eraser’. Yorke will feature on the programme on July 15.
Former Black Flag frontman Rollins’ show, broadcast on the IFC Network, features the likes of Dinosaur Jr., Peaches and Dashboard Confessional in future episodes.
‘The Eraser’ is released on July 10 on XL Records.
In other news, according to a Rolling Stone’s report, Radiohead are to remain without a long-term contract.
The band has been without a deal since their contract with EMI expired last year, and Yorke told the magazine that the band are keen to make each future album a one-off, label wise.
He said: “My big problem with corporate structure is this bizarre sense of loyalty you’re supposed to feel-towards what is basically a virus. It grows or dies, like any virus. And you use it for your own selfish ends.
“Jonny (Greenwood, Radiohead guitarist) had a big problem with the fact that we didn’t have any obligation – a release date or anything. He found it difficult to work in a vacuum. Which is one of the reasons why we chose to go out on tour: ‘This is something we can work toward’. It’s human nature. Personally, I don’t have that. But I can see why, if you’re a group of people, you need it.”
(source: Ultimate Guitar)

By Jonathan

New York, NY