Rocket and UFO sighting during San Diego concert

radiohead062806a.jpg radiohead062806e.jpg
Photos by Paul Parks
Wow, this is truly a bizarre find… We were just sent a link to a story about a rocket launch that took place during last night’s Radiohead show in San Diego. Apparently a photographer who was shooting the concert also spotted a UFO, which he took a photo of. Perhaps the UFO was hoping that Radiohead would play “Subterranean Homesick Alien”?

I am the House Photographer for Viejas Entertainment. Viejas Entertainment was putting on the big sold out Radiohead concert (6/27/06) when just at dusk the rocket launch from Vandenberg (Air Force Base) occurred. All eyes went off the stage and to the sky. While I was watching the rocket I saw a shiny object moving above and apparently way beyond the roof top of the stage. It was not a camera glitch or dirt on the sensor (just had the sensor cleaned a week ago) and you can see that the object was moving and not on the same spot on the photo as the previous shot.
It was not a bird either….it’s hard to tell distances but it seemed to be further and higher then a bird would have been visible. And as I watched it move….it moved not like a bird. Kind of sauntering or floating. Then in an instant….poof….it disappeared! I even have shots of the same scene seconds later and….rocket trail still there but no UFO.
On the close ups it’s clear to see that a flying saucer was watching the launch 😉 And I will say this….that rocket had a top secret payload and spy satellite on it and was the largest rocket ever launched on the West Coast 😉 They’re watching us :-)) Below are 6 photos, including the close ups. Oh I’ve sent along a few shots from the Radiohead concert as well. After watching these guys I can understand why a UFO might be hanging around !! Radiohead is like from another planet !!!

To see the photos, head on over to this site.
(thanks to Ricky)

By Jonathan

New York, NY