OK Computer Radiohead

More Radiohead tributes

Wow, tis the season for Radiohead tributes!

You probably know about the excellent Exit Music (Radiohead Tribute) (US iTunes | UK iTunes) that came out last April. If not, definitely go and check it out. Last week we told you about the Rockabye Baby tribute that will be coming out this month.

There are two more tributes coming out which you may want to check out. ESCD15.jpg The first one is called Radiodread and is by the Easy Star All-Stars. The tribute is described as “The Complete Reggae Version of Radiohead’s OK Computer” and if you’re a fan of reggae, you won’t be let down. We were sent an advanced copy and though reggae is not our cup of tea, the album is very enjoyable and definitely worth the purchase. More details about the album and instructions on how to pre-order can be seen here.

And finally, we have Skeet Spirit: A Crunk Tribute to Radiohead produced by DJ GYNGYVYTUS. We haven’t heard the tracks yet, but with titles such as “No Sizzuruprises” and “Talk Show Hoes”, who can resist the temptation to check it out?

Fortunately for us, it’s available as a free download at this site.

(thanks to Tinylife and Texas)