YouTube Friday

I know it’s been ages since we had a YouTube Friday here at Green Plastic. Hopefully you’ll forgive us once you see these classic Radiohead moments on YouTube.
Remember Mystery Science Theater 3000? If not, it was a show about a guy and some robots in outer space that were forced to watch really bad movies. Throughout the movie, the characters would make silly comments and pretty much make fun of anything and everything that was going on. This made for very funny TV. Anyway, back in the mid-90s, MTV had a show called Week In Rock which was basically a program dedicated to music news and stories. What you are about to see here is a segment from Week in Rock with the MSTK3 guys making fun of Radiohead. Sure, it may be a little harsh but what the hey…

Next we have the best of Radiohead on South Park. Yes, the band actually lent their voices to the South Park creators. I would of loved to have seen Thom’s reaction to the script saying him to say, “but he has cancer….. in his ass!”

We’ve gotten a lot of email about this next one. Many people think that this is an actual video for Thom’s song “Analyse” but it’s really just a bunch of scenes from the movie Requiem for a Dream. It’s still cool…

(thanks to Mike, Mike, and T)

By Jonathan

New York, NY