New Radiohead Album – August 6th?

by Jonathan on February 9, 2007

According to it is.

I wouldn’t rely too heavily on this but it does make for some fun discussion. Also, did you see that EMI is listed as the label? Interesting….

Over at Dead Air Space, Thom’s latest post lets us know that it was an “eventful” week.

now that was a long and eventful week
and it ain over
wakey wakey
rise and shine
its on again off again on again
watch me fall like dominoes
in pretty patterns

What made this week more eventful than others? Oh we love to look too deep in to things. It’s probably due to the LOST fever we have. Or maybe it’s because Radiohead did re-sign with EMI. Which they did. Or maybe not. Haha… 😉

More discussion over at our message board, Mortigi Tempo.

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