Jonny Greenwood part of the Wordless Music Series?

by Jonathan on May 10, 2007

Check out this link: Read the fine print at the bottom.

It says that Jonny Greenwood will be taking part in the Wordless Music Series for 2007-08. What is this you say? From the website:

The Wordless Music Series is devoted to the idea that the sound worlds of classical and contemporary instrumental music—in genres such as indie rock, free jazz, and electronic music—share more in common than conventional thinking might suggest. To illustrate the continuity between these worlds, the series will pair rock and electronic musicians in an intimate concert setting with more traditionally understood classical and chamber music performers. In so doing, the series will bring together audiences and introduce listeners of both classical and contemporary music to composers that they might otherwise not encounter, for a completely new concert experience. It will also demonstrate that the various boundaries and genre distinctions segregating music today—“popular” and “classical”; “uptown” and “downtown”; “high” art and “low” —are an artificial construction in need of dismantling.

Now obviously we have to tell you that this is all we know and nothing has been announced or confirmed. While this appears like something Jonny may be interested in doing, until we hear it from him or management, this is being filed as a “rumor”.
(thanks to Jason)

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