If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now

by Jonathan on June 8, 2007


This summer, the Lazarides Gallery will present an exhibition of brand new art by Stanley Donwood. Known internationally for his work on album and poster art for the band Radiohead, he was the recipient of a prestigious Grammy Award in 2001. His first solo show at the Lazarides Gallery received huge interest from the public, and for his second solo exhibition Donwood has created a series of new etchings and paintings, including Home, illustrated above.

If You Lived Here You’d Be Home By Now includes a series of ten prints that reflect Donwood’s distraught meditations on the issues that have preoccupied the artist over the past three years including the dislocation and alienation of the individual, the morbid state of society, mass conformity, and the proliferation of war.

The prints are made in a complicated and laborious photogravure etching process, using a printing press more than 150 years old. According to the artist, “Photogravure etching is an almost unbelievably complicated, laborious, involved, lengthy and difficult process. I now look upon my endeavours last year with all that London Views linocutting and printing as pretty much a walk in the fucking park.”

Donwood’s work has been represented in numerous publications worldwide, and he has exhibited in provocative exhibitions such as Dead Children Playing in Barcelona in 2006 and Department of Reclusive Paranoia in Rotterdam earlier this year.

Exhibition Dates: Fri 15th of June – Sat 14th of July
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