What a day

by Jonathan on October 10, 2007

Hopefully you all have heard In Rainbows by now. If not, go over to www.inrainbows.com and purchase (or not purchase if that’s your thing) the album. Excitement is in the air and we at GP are reminded of how wonderful it is to hear a Radiohead album without it being leaked first. It’s similar to when OK Computer was released and all we had to go by were live recordings of the songs.

Anyway, Thom wrote on Dead Air Space today:

hope you are enjoying listening to the download of In Rainbows.
its a relief to us all that finally its out there.
its been a mad couple of weeks.. as i’m sure you can imagine…
“I love pop music to death….. Most great composers rely on folk music. I rely on pop music.
I’m not saying I’m a great composer or that pop music is folk music. There’s a whole endless thing going on out there.
You make your little pond but if your pond isn’t connected to the river, which isn’t connected to an ocean,
it’s just going to dry up. It’s just a little piss pool. I’ve lived too long to be happy in a pond.”
I found this in WIRE magazine over a pint in the pub last night.. its Robert Wyatt

In other news, our server has been taking a beating over the last day. Our dedicated server also hosts Mortigi Tempo, which is our Radiohead message board. Because of all the crazy traffic, we’ve had to switch MT to a lo-fi version for the time-being so that you can still post and talk with other fans. Hopefully we’ll be back to normal soon.

Finally, what’s up with Radiohead and the number 10? Conspiracy theory or just plain silly?

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