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More Snaps of the “House of Cards” Video?

Six images have appeared on Dead Air Space today and yesterday with what we assume are stills of the upcoming “House of Cards” video. The video should be out very soon, according to Thom. As reported earlier, Radiohead apparently filmed the video on a closed sound stage at the media-oriented G-STAR School near West Palm Beach, FL and will feature 3D lasers and the band in a “party scene” with actress Lauren Maher as Thom’s love interest.

We reached out to a spokesperson at G-STAR a few weeks ago and received this response:
“Out of respect to the production, I am not at liberty to discuss this matter at THIS time.”

The whole thing sounds pretty crazy, and we’re especially interested in this party scene which is referenced. If you look at the photos on Dead Air Space, some of the photos are titled “party.” The lyric “Throw your keys in the bowl, kiss your husband goodnight” from the song is rumored to reference swinging parties where couples arrive at the host’s house and put their car keys in a bowl. The woman then chooses a key from the bowl and then goes home with the guy who owns them. This apparently happened quite a bit in the 70s and is referred to as a “key party.”

We’re probably looking way too deep in to this. Anyway, expect the new video soon!

By Jonathan

New York, NY