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Thom and Ed Interviewed by A.V. Club

There’s a fantastic interview with Thom and Ed on the A.V. Club website. Towards the end of the interview, Thom drops a hint that a new album may come sooner than we think. Here’s an excerpt:

AVC: Has anything new come out of the band being together, and playing together, on this tour?
TY: We get to hang out with each other; it’s a bit of a novelty. We don’t see each other that much when we’re not doing this.
EO: That’s the great thing about doing this sort of thing—we get to spend some time together, socializing.
TY: Jonny and I spend quite a bit of time going through half-finished things and deliberately forcing ourselves to finish them so we can get them to the others. I’m getting a buzz out of that—this thing, “Slave,” that I was playing for Ed the other day.
EO: That’s right. It’s quite good.
TY: I’ll send it home to Nigel [Godrich] tonight to mix. Honestly, I could probably use a full day doing it, but you’re in unusual places and want to get out. You don’t want to stay in the hotel all day; it becomes a little too much for me. It’s a little bit more than I can stand. In the end, when we’re back from this tour, I’ll probably think, “I really should have spent every day finishing stuff.”
EO: He’s finished quite a bit, though.
TY: I’m doing all right. I’m finishing what I want to finish.
AVC: Sounds like fans might not have to wait another four years for the next record.
TY: We try to keep the momentum of the operation going. Lots of times, if you stop too long, there’s no momentum and it takes a lot to pick it back up again. We’ve had such a positive response to this. We’re human; we lose our confidence far too quickly. It’s nice to have our confidence. That’s the biggest influence on things at the moment, being reasonably confident for a change.

Read the full interview at the A.V. Club.
(thanks to Eric)