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Thom Yorke to get all Classical on us

From BBC Radio 1:

Thom Yorke has remixed a song for a classical album.
The Radiohead singer has teamed up with 11 other artists including members of Gorillaz and The Beta Band for the project, Cortical Songs.

The album, is the brainchild of John Matthias who played violin on Radiohead’s album The Bends, and composer Nick Ryan. It is set for release on 21 July.

Yorke’s classical contribution, which is his first, is an avant garde remix.

Musical score
Along with Yorke, former Verve guitarist Simon Tong and The Beta Band keyboardist John Maclean have worked on remixes for the record.

The Radiohead singer’s contribution follows guitarist Jonny Greenwood’s recent musical score to the Daniel Day-Lewis film There Will Be Blood.

In the past Greenwood has also worked with the BBC Symphony Orchestra and was hired as its composer in residence in 2004.

Radiohead recently completed their UK tour which included two dates at London’s Victoria Park.

By Jonathan

New York, NY