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Radiohead Rock Lollapalooza, Begin NA Tour

Radiohead at Lollapalooza 2008
(photo by berklieblog)

Exactly 7 years ago yesterday, Radiohead performed at Grant Park in Chicago. That concert set the stage for allowing other musical acts and festivals to have performances there, including last night’s Lollapalooza Festival that Radiohead headlined.

The band played in front of 75,000 and did not disappoint. Coincidentally, fireworks went off during “Everything in its Right Place” which definitely added to the already amazing mood of the show.

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Thom wrote on his blog today about it:

a day off in chicago after playing lolloplozo yesterday. im so relieved as on monday i was on a train in the Uk coming back from the seaside sick as a dog and panicking. we hastily cancelled a proposed secret show in a chicago and i travelled a day later. it is very stressful when you get sick and there is nothing you can do and you have a huge show coming up. you feel low and powerless and try so hard to not freak out.
in the end it worked out. i m amazed anybody could see anything as there was 75,000 people at the festival yesterday. and it was so hot.
so hot.
ive added a new track called eraser infinite which is me manipulating jonny’s piano chords from eraser.. snds like messians organ works.. well ok – a bit- good for the morning

The band will be in Indianapolis tomorrow night.

UPDATE: Here’s a video from the show:

“Everything in its Right Place” & “Fake Plastic Trees” with the fireworks going off in the background

By Jonathan

New York, NY