Radiohead tour

The post where we ask Radiohead to play “Creep” in San Francisco

Radiohead, Creep
(photo by riskybaby)

In all honesty, we’re just as tired of “Creep” as the band is, but let’s not forget that it is the song that made them famous and allowed them to go on and make the rest of their albums the way they wanted to make them.

Personally speaking, I remember my high school girlfriend listening to “Creep” in 1993 and thinking, “this is such a crap song.” It wasn’t until she dumped me that I realized how great it was, and from that point on I was hooked. In the dozen times I’ve seen the band live, they’ve only played it once and that was in 1995 opening up for R.E.M. It’s because of this that I am selfishly requesting they play it at the Outside Lands Festival on Friday, August 22nd in San Francisco.

But wait, there’s another reason why I want them to play it in SF. Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we?

It is widely accepted that in 1992/93, San Francisco radio station Live 105 “discovered” Radiohead and brought “Creep” to the masses in the U.S. From there, the single spread like wild fire across the country and everyone and their girlfriend was listening to them. You can read more about this here, if you’re interested.

So, what do you say, Radiohead? You owe it to us.

PS. If not “Creep”, then how about “Lift”?

By Jonathan

New York, NY