And now we are 12

On March 26, 1997, “A Green Plastic Radiohead Page” was born. Let’s go back to this time, shall well?

OK Computer had yet to be released
– Bill Clinton was still president of the US
– I had to update the site a lot from a university computer lab
– There were a ton of RH fansites out there (Planet Telex, Lift, Tony’s RH Page, Polyethylene, etc…)
– The site originally was hosted on a free AOL homepage
– I really had no idea what I was doing
– People were really convinced that Thom and Stanley were the same person
– Animated gifs (’nuff said!)

12 years later and we are still around. While it’s become more and more difficult to give time to the site, it’s still a joy to run and I hope to be around for a long time. Many many thanks to everyone that has ever contributed to the site and of course, thanks to the band who have always had nothing but kind words to say about GP and allowed me and the other fansites the freedom to do what we wanted.

By Jonathan

New York, NY