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A walk down memory lane

Here are two articles which you should check out. Both are on the awesome music and culture website, The Quietus.

The first is an interview with Thom and Jonny from 1996. It’s really quite a fascinating and humorous read. For example, Thom explains why he’s fascinated with car accidents (Airbag, Killer Cars, Stupid Car):

“Oh, OK. Why are there so many references to cars? Well, I’ll tell you why. It’s because when I was younger, my parents moved to this house, which was a long long way from Oxford, and I was just at the age where I wanted to go out the whole time. I used to have this one car, and I very nearly killed myself in it one morning, and gave my girlfriend at the time really bad whiplash in an accident. I was 17. Hadn’t slept the night before. Anyway, eventually, my dad bought me another car, a Morris Minor, you know, and when you drove around corners in it, the driver door used to fly open. Um, and I’d only do 50 miles an hour, and on the road that went from my house to Oxford, there was fucking maniacs all the time, people who would drive 100 miles an hour to work, and I was in the Morris Minor, and it was like standing in the middle of the road with no protection at all. So I just gradually became emotionally tied up in this whole thing.”

Check out the full interview to read more about what Radiohead was like in 1996.

The second article is from 2003 and follows Radiohead on tour in France. It’s also a great read. Check it out!

By Jonathan

New York, NY