In Rainbows Radiohead

RH Manager encouraged band to split prior to In Rainbows

Radiohead co-manager Brian Message was recently interviewed in the Irish Times. We couldn’t help but notice this little nugget of info. Good thing the band didn’t listen!

Prior to that decision Message says he and two of his partners had actually advised the band to split up. Two years after leaving EMI Radiohead were still no closer to recording an album. The songs were written but the band couldn’t achieve the sound they were looking for in the studio. Courtyard felt maybe it was time to call it a day. Surely professional managers shouldn’t encourage their most profitable act to split up?

“I’ve been lucky to work with some great artists and Radiohead are a once in a generation act,” says Message. “But you have to be honest if it’s not working. You have to have passion about what you do. I’m an accountant but I love music and I’m passionate about the artists I work with.”

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By Jonathan

New York, NY