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Radiohead Lately


It’s been a while since our last post. Here’s what you (and we) have missed:

Radiohead opens up a new digital store. You can now purchase the In Rainbows CD2, as well as other treats.

Radiohead’s Kid A, Amnesiac, Hail to the Thief Get Deluxe Reissue Treatment. Capitol is at it again. (via Pitchfork)

Ed and Phil are being included on the Neil Finn supergroup benefit album. It’s called The Sun Came Out and will feature the singing debut of Phil. Yeah!

Stanley Donwood exhibits new work in Bristol ‘EL CHUPACABRA’.

Stanley’s apt choice of title ‘El Chupacabra’, meaning ‘the goat sucker’ in Spanish is his response to suffering a long fixation with the horned gods and having to live amongst some of the most mendacious economic times he can remember provoking him to start making pictures of Pandemons.

“I’ve got nothing against goats. I’ve simply discovered that if I draw a goat, give it the mouth of a rapacious carnivore then dress it in the suit and tie of a disgraced banker or politician it looks fucking evil. There are thirteen Pandemons in the show called ‘el chupacabra’. Thirteen ghosts at the funeral. Thirteen spectres at the feast of the goat. Loitering on the blackened cliffs of free-market economics, cackling as they raise a glass to toast Milton Friedman, Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Augusto Pinochet. Gallons of paint I’ve poured over them to drown their snickering. But still they laugh.” Comments Stanley Donwood.

Sounds amazing.

And finally, you’ll notice a new look to GP. This is our first major design change in over 6 years. After dozens of mockups, we’re finally settled on this look, which should hopefully be more clean and simple. Many of the sections are still old so we’re working to convert those over. Until then, things may be a bit stupid.

By Jonathan

New York, NY