Lordy lordy, looks who’s forty

by Jonathan on June 26, 2009

Colin at 17

Colin at 17

We’d like to extend a HAPPY 40TH BIRTHDAY to Colin today.

Happy Birthday Coz!

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  • Arles

    Happy 40th for the coolest bassist in the world!

  • amin

    Happy birth day to you Colin

  • tricia

    Oh, the big 4-0!
    happy birthday to colin!

  • esa

    Feliz Cumpleaños Coz!!
    Only the best for you! 😉

  • Kevin Farrell

    Happy Birthday Colin!

  • Julio Reynoso

    Happy B-Day …. from Mexico

  • FB

    Feliz cumpleaños!
    Happy birthday Coz!

    … also from Mexico

  • Aaron

    Woohoo, happy birthday!

  • Jake

    Happy bilated birthday Colin!! Your music means so much to me I couldn’t come close to expressing it in human language, much less a post on a website. But thank you for all the amazing art over the years, I’m looking forward to more beautiful stuff on this side of the hill!

  • FB

    quien se anda robando mi nombre?!

  • Ique

    Happy Birthday, Colin!!!
    Wish you ALL the best!!

  • 51days

    i would definetly give permission to my daughter to go out with him 🙂
    ALL the best!!!

  • Christian A. Rosas

    Happy Birthday Colin!

  • Jazz

    “happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday to you!
    happy birthday dear Colin!
    Happy birthday to you!”

    YAY! you are awesome!

  • Kevin

    Happy Birthday, Keep Rockin!

  • Happy Birthday!!!!!!!!

    much love and happiness in the future.

  • Eli

    20 + 20 = 50? naaa… it’s definitely 40!

  • aidin

    hi! happy birthday colin!! but in my country,iran,people died for freedom and democracy and i want thom’s voice for iranian people and freedom,i hope!!

  • JOBO

    I know its a bit belated but HAPPY BIRTHDAY Colin!

    Tucson, AZ

  • James

    I’m also a bit late with the congratulations, but happy 40th! Beastly photograph there man…

  • Julieta

    Jonathan, where did you get that picture?

  • fitry

    Happy birth day to you Colin

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