Full Radiohead performance at Glastonbury 1997

by Jonathan on July 8, 2009

Spotted on our message board, Mortigi Tempo: Full Radiohead performance at Glastonbury 1997. It was filmed from the crowd, so not the best visual quality but the audio is top notch, especially considering this is from a VHS to DVD transfer. Enjoy!

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  • Great show. So what’s the word on the new album or new material?

  • sean

    and the fact that it was 1997….

  • *bows gracefully*

    An honor to be on the front page of GreenPlastic, thanks :).

  • MartinRA

    Awesome concert…I Loved Thom’s intensity during “My Iron Lung” performance. Great Post!
    Greetings from Argentina.

  • brian

    Its strange to hear what songs people got excited for back then. They loved The Bends, but no one cheers for Climbing Up the Walls or Talk Show Host.

  • graham

    meh, no let down = no go for me. best song they’ve ever written, and the most seldom played.

  • Jeanne Paulin

    I’ve been looking for this for ages. Thank you so much for sharing (:

  • James

    The person who uploaded this broadcast, AustinBrock, also has an entire vault-load of acclaimed Radiohead concerts online (and most in HD), so check them out. The guy’s a hero.

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  • Aiden

    This is from AustinBrock on youtube he uploads shit tons of Radiohead concerts, and gives you the torrent.

  • geoff

    Way to go, Austin! You truely are a gateway to amazing Radiohead videos. Keep up the great work and i can’t say thank you enough! Nice getting on greenplastic!

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