Radiohead on David Bowie tribute album [UPDATED]

Ground Control to Major Thom
Ground Control to Major Thom

A new David Bowie tribute album is scheduled to be released in February 2010 and Radiohead are rumored to be among the artists contributing. This comes from the website of Mick Karn, another artist who is contributing to the album. He writes:

“The release of the David Bowie tribute album on Warchild has been postponed until February 2010 due to some of the artists schedules not permitting an earlier release.

Featured artists will include Radiohead, Carla Bruni and Charlotte Gainsbourg and will include Mick’s version of Ashes to Ashes.”

This new War Child release is a followup to this year’s War Child: Heroes.

Once we have official confirmation on this from the band, we’ll pass it along. (via TwentyFourBit)

UPDATE: Pitchfork is saying the rumor is not true. Bummer…

By Jonathan

New York, NY