Amnesiac only $1.99 on Amazon

by Jonathan on July 10, 2009


If you don’t own Radiohead’s 2001 release, Amnesiac, then here’s your chance. Amazon is selling the 11 track album for $1.99 in their MP3 store.

Click here to purchase!

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  • tricia

    cool. i bought mine on ebay for about $3.50.

  • h_e_n_r_y


    I bought mine on Amazon 7 yrs ago for over $40.

    [Limite Edition… Mmmm]

  • seth

    Green Plastic is the new At Ease

  • Now RSS rules, but back in 2001 mailing lists were still going strong with music fans. I was 21 and i was subscribed to mailing lists of fans of Björk, Sonic Youth, Tricky, and of course Radiohead.

    A few days before Amnesiac’s street date an email arrived with various Radiohead news and at the end it said something like this: “And what is this link doing here??

    And at that link there was the whole of Amnesiac in MP3. I still had dialup. It took maybe two or three hours to get it all.

    It had Pulk/Pull and Hunting Bears and all that weirdness, and Knives Out didn’t at first sound as great as it did when they played in Tel Aviv a few months before that, so i thought that at least some of it may be fake, and when it hit the shelves, i immediately bought it in the fancy book package and i was surprised to hear that the MP3’s were real.

    If you can find that email in some archive, it would be extra great.

    Oh, now i recalled something else: A few days before that mailing list message i tried to get “Life in a Glasshouse” from Napster. When i finally got it, it turned out to be a Lifehouse song. It wasn’t so bad, actually, but i don’t remember which one it was.

    Oh, the days of dialup.

  • edgar

    yeah, agreed. this site gives at ease a good work over. keep it up

  • Jason

    It’s free, when you download it.

    Type amnesiac on Google and you can download it via MediaFire.

  • Universal’s free!

  • wtret

    Their most underrated album, better than Kid A, I think.

  • Julieta

    Amnesiac is less acidic and dadá than Kid A, it’s much darker and politically dense. Just a masterpiece.

  • h_e_n_r_y

    Life in a Glasshouse is the reason I’m still breathing.

    [Irrelevant PS: Amnesiac now costs $6 on Amazon…]

  • Joe

    Their most underrated by far! One of my top favorites, and the B-sides are amazing as well.

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