Jaydiohead: The Encore

by Jonathan on July 14, 2009

Jaydiohead: The Encore

Max Tannone (formerly Minty Fresh Beats) has released a followup to his Jaydiohead Radiohead + Jay Z mashup album called Jaydiohead: The Encore.

It’s a free download. Check it out.

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  • gilmadius

    i’m not typically a remix hater, but i feel that this guy is really dumbing down radiohead

  • Anna

    I’m not feeling it… not at all. Lets make jay z and radiohead two separate things

  • miles

    this is so not good. i mean there is no common rythm. the lyrics are not well synchronized with the melody in the backround, so it doesn’t sound that nice. i dunno why thom let this happen. he should have said no.

  • Perry

    Greenplastic = the new Atease.

  • Susan

    I don’t know what people are getting all upset about.
    I think this is awesome, great post!

  • i like jayZ [ even when i am not into hip hop or rap mostly ]
    i fucking absolutely love radiohead

    not that i don t liked it but i truly think this could be a lot far big lot better . . . and specially about how to put things together and make just 1 feeling out of one thing . . . i think here there are two completly different feelings going on – with respect

    now . . . new radiohead cd . . . i know is coming . . . and i truly big far scream to the gods . . . please radiohead go back to amnesiac or hail . . . ! ! give me more interesting sound and creativity [ and electronics as well ? ] than in rainbows ! ! ! pleaseeeeeeeee [ and this is with the biggest in the world respect for radiohead ] [ ps i know U read this ]

    and most important . . . guys peace . . . don t fight each other in blogs – just share ideas with respect – love U all

  • pantrus [ is back ]

    i don t know how that link on the web site show up but that s not me

    in other words i forgot something – he is raping [ or rapping ? ] over thom ‘s voice . . . i don t thing that is right , even technically . . . he is bothering there and also i think he should rap on when thom’s voice rest no over it /// not sure about it … any speciallist about this ? but it hurts me – doens t sound nice to my ears

  • pantrus [ is back ]

    last one i promise i am going away – i think i went too fast on last comment – is still balance the mix on jz voice and thom’s [ mostly used as background vocals ] – not that bad as i tought the first listen – but doens t really get me – i like people making remixes with radiohead ‘s music – and i would love for example one millon more four tet remixes . . . but still don t feel this hiphop/radiohead – my word only – but is not that bad work – lets respect it

  • joey

    havent heard this yet…work computer doesnt have sound but i want to! I have a radiohead tattoo on my leg and I was 1 of 75,000 who saw them at lolla in 08. But i managed to be about 50 feet away from the stage. Those who beg for radiohead music of the past are dumb! Music is progress….a band like these guys can not digress to what they have done but only allow themselves to push forward and create new sounds with new ideas….thats the beauty of it. We have KID A- AMNESIAC- and HAIL, In Rainbows is a masterpiece and I cant wait to hear what NEW things they have come up with. The other beauty about this band is I dont think they could ever disappoint

  • pantrus [ pacific pantrus ]

    Those who beg for radiohead music of the past are dumb! . . . i have an answer to that and is part of my preview comment . . . [ and most important . . . guys . . . peace . . . don t fight each other in blogs – just share ideas with respect – love U all . . . see my comment before ] . period to that.

    Those who beg for radiohead music of the past are dumb! . . . i just wanted to mention joey that i don t wish for music from the past is only that making in rainbows [ wich i love ] it seems to me exactly like making music from the past . . . i don t see growness there . . . i see a lot simplier music than before . . . i even bought the boxset and i am proud of the double cd . . . but i am sorry to say this but i feel that the music is too simple for my likes . . . i do love more experimentation and even more electronics as well [ as some in the past ] specially when coming [ and of course i agree with you ] from geniuses like all the radiohead members. i think wishing for changes [ wich i felt when hail and kid and amnesiac ] is looking forward to the future and not to the past.

    but man . . . i love you . . . do not use agressions please . . .

  • Siavash

    This is utterly garbage. This rap business should be separated from Radiohead. Now, if Radiohead is thinking about opening a club, they should call him and invest with him, but Jay-Z is nothing more than a businessman. Don’t mix his shit with Radiohead’s. Besides the incompatibility factor, the DJ does a very poor job too. It’s a double whammy!

    And I entirely agree with pantrus. People who ask for past Radiohead stuff just don’t know what they are about. They constantly challenge the preconceived notions about their music and not only evolve their music, but truly revolutionize the sounds, too. If they kept printing the same stuff out, then they would be called something like Coldplay! Coldplay has really made one album and has been recycling the same shit because they know that it is safe product to sell. The progression from the 4th track to the 5th track on their 1st album is the same as on the 2nd album…You get the point; they play safe to milk out as much money before their sound wears out in audience’s ears. Radiohead is anything but that and I feel dirty to put their name in the same paragraph as some other corporate dipshit musicians!

  • joey

    Pantrus….from one radiohead fan to another I can not and do not hate ( first and foremost). I find this to be a constant opinion of many people towards many different artists who are still coming out with new music but the people dont appreciate it for whats new and current. With all respect to your comments of in rainbows being too simple…. it really isnt. I think for radiohead to go from OK computer- a rock album to Kid A and Amnesiac (mostly electronic) to Hail ( rock and electronic), they have done their experimentation and found their niche. Its kind of interesting that Hail came out in 03 and in rainbows came out “officially” in 08 but the latter of 07… thats a 4.5 year gap of nothing for the fans and the longest gap they had between albums. I would love to go into detail about why In rainbows isnt “simple” but this would turn into a novel. No war here, but when I heard In Rainbows, I had to listen to it a million times over to make sure I heard all the “cool hidden sounds” and they are there…. they are there!

  • pantrus [ pacific pantrus ]

    peace joey -you re right -i know i was too fast mentioning the word ” simple ” on any radiohead material – i know tecnically it is not and yes i agree and i am sorry i said that before – the sounds are there you re right – but i wish for a little bit more extreme when it comes to those sounds. i feel the sounds on in rainbows are there but kind of not at all being really important to the song itself [ sorry I have not musical knowledge ] i feel them as extras in a movie and i truly wish they come out in the next cd as more important role in the sound- plus the beauty on the forever beautiful organics of them

    nice to meet you man- nice talk

  • h_e_n_r_y

    Mr. Jonathan Greenplastic, could u please make a post about the new Thom Yorke cover that is streaming on Stereogum?


  • joey

    pantrus…maybe someday we will meet and can share a listening experience. I will tell you what i hear and you can point out what you hear… I have a musical ear- a gift I would say and have scrutinized their music…because I love it so much! I mean the bear is tattooed on my leg! P.S. listen to backdrifts and quitely and subtly there is this almost screaming ocean wave crashing sound in the background…very faint but when i first heard it I was spooked. Also at the end of karma police after the distorted guitar sound are two very quick piano notes played. Part of what makes them so good is how much attention you actually have to pay to hear the sounds they layer in their music. They have eliminated mindless listening and cause one to be active 🙂 Its all how you look at it and listen to it and as I say “to each their own”

  • julian

    This is REALLY well done…I think you people are being elitists…I guarantee you Radiohead thinks this project is awesome.

    thumbs up

  • Deli

    This is so crap. Jay Z and Radiohead should not mix. Ever. Radiohead is awesome on its on. They don’t need any rapping over their music. Ever.

  • robots_clash

    Love it, love it, love it!!!!!!!! I am a Radiohead fan, and I’m not complaining.

  • THIS IS SO AMAZING. this guy is a genius.
    Radiohead and Jay-Z are awesome alone, but mashing up is nice.

  • Tab

    Are you kidding me? This is garbage. “There There” is my favorite Radiohead song (favorite song in general) and this “Life There” song kills it. Yuck Yuck Yuck.

  • Van

    It’s completely mean to do that to Radiohead, they don’t deserve to be assiociated to a shit as Jay-Z. :/ I guess this guy don’t know that Radiohead’s songs have to be listen alone.

  • Damn I really love Radiohead And Jay Z i think this shit is sick.
    i especially like Reckoner’s Encore That was dope lol. Well thats just me.

  • Yuriy

    this is just awful… such a horrible mistake

  • Jeremiah

    This is horrible.
    Sounds like crap.
    Why ruin something so good by adding such garbage?

  • dav

    this is shit all over the face of mona lisa….that is the truth simply…you can’t just simply go out and disrupt permenence of our history..you see this jay z shouldnt even have tried to fuck with this shit because its irreplaceable, and honestly quite uncomfortable sounding, you cant make it better…it was a bad idea for this worthless “artist” to even set out to change essential beauty, and balance at its highest form…jaydiohead- shit shit shit shit, he should just stop, cause he has ruined enough, and he doesn’t know what the fuck he’s doing out there…he’s not in there league, he should’nt fuck with his non abilities and just forget about music..that shit was uninspired shit, that had know artisitic quality…sheit…jay z just quit bitch and stop spewing worthless lines all over radiohead’s piece’s…your bars are just light echoes from where radiohead stands….stay the fuck away if you are not musically inclined…what an unintelligent person to try and fuck with that..it seems other good artist might of had a better shot at that but that was lousy….one word for the lines and “remixability” of jay z as an artist-shit

  • James

    Don’t like it as much as the previous Jay Z / Radiohead mash-ups. Check out my covers!

  • cecil B

    I think some people are taking this a little too personal. I’m loving this as a Radiohead fan, it exposes them to an audience that may have never listened to them before.

    Thumbs up.

  • Love this remix. brilliant. lighten up man its all just entertainment.

  • I don’t know what you guys are complaining about. I don’t listen to rap, ever, and I found this pretty awesome. Beats are amazing. Hats off to the guy who did that, I can tell lots of work went into it and it’s pretty interesting to listen to imo.

    And guess what, you can still listen to Radiohead unremixed. So what’s the fuzz all about really? Are you so elitist about your music that you feel the need bash whoever remixes your precious Radiohead? Btw, Radiohead is my #1 band by far so this is all coming from a big Radiohead fan, an open-minded one that is.

  • ok im with cecil b dont like jay z but i think he culd benefit more than thome

    thome you truly move me and music would be pointless with out you or radiohead.

    you keep me going. thanks
    cant wait for new stuff
    and guys calm your selfs down 1 blog a day at least . peace out spreed the love..

  • thome saved my life.

  • I think it was a great idea… It just didn’t turn out that good to me… The idea is awesome, but it could have been a bit better fine tuned… The effort, though was cool Being an artist myself, I never would have pulled something like this off… Takes courage to do something like this and I comment you… It just needs tightening up is all… Great job, otherwise!

  • And my typo’s killed the mood… 🙁

  • Jonny

    Jay Z has totally shattered Radiohead’s music. Not only in the most miserable way but he’s also adding dumb lyrics with no rythm whatsoever. His versions suck. Get back to do your kinda music, man, leave them alone.

  • Kl

    Jay Z has got NOTHING to do with this and Thom Yorke has got NOTHING to do with this. It’s MASHUPS

  • too many radiohead fans are getting their panties in a wad. some of these mashed up tracks are mental. don’t hate – appreciate; the talent that the DJ who put this together has. i’m not even a Jay-Z fan but found these beats to be pretty good.

  • CB

    Very fun to work out to…try it

  • S

    This really sucks.

  • S

    I agree with Jonny.

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