Thom Yorke debuts new song at Latitude Festival [updated]

by Jonathan on July 19, 2009

Photo by kenigma

Photo by kenigma

Thom Yorke played a solo set today at the Latitude Festival in the UK. Among a mixture of songs from Radiohead and The Eraser, Thom did debut a new song called “The Present Tense.” Another new song called “Give Up Ghost” was on the setlist but never played.

Thom did treat everyone to two fan favorites, “True Love Waits” and “Follow Me Around”. Neither song has been recorded and released on a studio album.

Full setlist:

01 The Eraser
02 Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
03 Atoms For Peace
04 Harrowdown Hill
05 Follow Me Around
06 Everything In Its Right Place
07 The Present Tense
08 Cymbal Rush
09 Black Swan
10 Videotape

11 There There
12 True Love Waits

For your video viewing pleasure:

“The Present Tense”

“True Love Waits”

“Cymbal Rush”

“Black Swan”

[UPDATED] Replaced “The Present Tense” video with a better quality one. (thanks Tim)

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  • maybe

    ha ha… the “Erasure”
    what an act though, thom, new song, eraser material… not an uneventful weekend that was.

  • poisoned_dwarf

    The Erasure is a classic!!!

  • Jesus

    Hope the song makes it in to the album….

  • Earl

    Please somebody have the full show for download. Please?

  • Tricia

    I like the new song, wish I would’ve been there.

  • Kid C

    I assume that the new song is a Thom Yorke song and not Radiohead? Either way, I like it and would be interested to hear a studio version.

  • Daniel

    Beautiful. Although, It has more of an Eraser feel to it (and not just because it’s only Thom Yorke) than it does Radiohead. I can imagine this with a repetitive drum beat and some glitch in the background.

    Either way, my opinion is this song is beautiful.

  • Ky

    found the show download on this blog

  • Kristin

    i can’t believe how beautiful the present tense is!

  • here is a very good quality version of Atoms For Peace. check this guy’s YouTube profile for the rest of the videos from the same show.

  • Ed

    I was there and it was so beautiful. All the other big name acts took late-night slots, but Thom evidently picked the midday slot on the last day to avoid sound pollution from other stages, and treated us to a heartfelt, informal, stripped-down set.

    I screamed myself ragged for an encore… and squealed when we got one.

  • Tania

    I love the new song .. it’s so beautifull … I can’t wait for an studio version .. doesn’t matter if it is from Thom or Radiohead


  • Charlie Phillips

    does anyone know what type of keyboard/synth that is on top of the wooden paneled one? I’m curious, he used it at the Cambridge Corn Exchange too.


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