Thom Yorke to contribute new track to Twilight sequel

by Jonathan on July 24, 2009

This is a followup to the story we told you about earlier this week about Thom Yorke contributing to the Twilight Saga: New Moon movie. In an interview with at Comic-Con, director Chris Weitz again said that Thom will be contributing to the soundtrack, this time adding that it will be a brand new track. Weitz also said that he will be listening to Thom’s track today (July 24) and “unless it’s sounds of him belching, I think I’ll put it in.”

Bon Iver was also mentioned as contributing a new track.

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  • Aufidius

    Fux The Movie, At Least We Get Treated to a New T. Yorke Track. all That Matters Ill Take A New Track Even Its ON Lion King Three Ha HA ha

  • MightBeWrong?

    Word! ^^

  • livvie

    h_e_n_r_y said it best when he wrote:

    ‘There Will Be Blood is a masterpiece, directed by a man who outdoes himself with every project. Jonny submitted a great score that was unfairly overlooked by the Academy. New Moon is the sequel to a garbage film’

    jonny always associates himself with quality and class and produces MASSIVELY beautiful work. while also never having been terribly outspoken re: corporate tools and those who associate with them. thom is acting like the lowest common denominator associating himself with crap like twilight. if he wants to contribute to soundtracks? let it be with GOOD film, not shit. he’s not a struggling baby fledgling artist any longer, ffs.

    and if you think this is snobbery? learn to love it. thom’s a fucking snob himself, he’s just not as much of a snob as he used to be because now the cash has become a bit more important.

    thank god for elbow and lack of pretension. i will love radiohead until the day i die, but damn if thom doesn’t irritate the fuck out of me.

  • sarah

    Livvie, you are an IDIOT. Still pretending to forget that Jonny wore lipstick and played in Harry Potter! And Thom can be what he wants, he has the BRAINS and the GENIALITY to be whatever he wants, when he wants, and associates with WHO he wants. he is Thom Yorke and nothing will take that from him. Ever.

  • JOBO

    Can’t we all just get along? I think we’re all on the same side.

  • PAL

    NEW song by Thom Yorke. Nuff said. If it is good as the All for the Best cover (brings us more of that loud guitar Thom!!!) and Present Tense, I don’t care bollocks if it is on a soundtrack or not. The ones making a fuss about it can’t be called fans.

  • raisedlefteyebrow

    Wasn’t Fake Plastic Trees in Clueless?
    And wasn’t Jonny Greenwood in Harry Potter?

    The members of Radiohead have said repeatedly that they consider themselves pop musicians. Nothing more, nothing less. The standards we hold them to are subjective. If Thom wants to contribute his music to a movie that is almost guaranteed to be awful, that’s fine. It takes nothing away from his credibility as an amazing artist or from the song that will be used. If anything, it will introduce people my age to decent music much like what happened with 15 Step.

  • i dont care if its on a gay ass twilight movie all that matters is the new track! 8D

  • h_e_n_r_y

    I don’t think I would enjoy the new song as much if I heard 13 year old girls running around ‘singing’ it…

  • It is a great way to extend to a whole new audience that might normally never pay much mind. Marketing wise current fans will still be fans and they will pick up new fans along the way.

  • Tania

    Well.. I hate the movie .. but if he wants to write a song for it .. it’s fine for me .. a new song is a new song.. doesn’t matter if is for a crappy movie .. besides he is a free human.. he can do whatever he wants, and probably the song is going to be amazing.
    At the beggining I was really angry about it .. but whatever.. as I said before it’s his music.. and he can do whatever he wants with it .


  • giuliana

    am i the only one who thinks thom would have written/released the new song anyway? i mean unless it is going to specifically pertain to the plot and characters of this movie, (which i doubt) im pretty sure he would have released the new song anyway without the assistance of twilight. (just like how the first one used 15 step)…

  • Colin Thomas

    I saw the first Twilight dreck and laughed my head AND ass off thanks to (Highly recommend_ed to fans of Mystery Science Theater 3K). Still I was not prepared for the comedy of 15 step used at the end of the film. So completely out of place, it was a true riot

    The books like their affect on youthful ignorance are unreadably predictable, and the movies are nothing but deceitfully overpolished and hollow. Kind of like the stuff Radiohead is always going on about. I don’t know bout you, but Mister Thom Yorke contributing to the franchise directly smells of comic gold whether it is intended or not. Let us Radiohead heads just hope for now he has something up his sleeve.

    and He DOES associate himself with glam, and damn if these kiddie vamp flicks aren’t smothered with glitter, so it shouldn’t be too hard to accept. I don’t think anyone here wants Twilight to exist, but now that it has become a force to be reckoned with let’s band together and pour some sunlight on this vampire nonsense like only our beloved subversive popular culture can.

    yea, I know I will be seeing this sequel when Rifftrax does a commentary track for it, so in a mean kind of way I can’t help looking forward to its release more than just for another hillarious misplaced pop song moment.

  • Milo

    Conclusion! People who loves Thom’s work get the track and fuck off the movie!!

  • an optimistic one

    i understand that if thom wants to, he can do whatever comes to his mind, but is obviously true that the real thom yorke’s fans will be really upset, cause almost nobody at the age to like things such as twilight or, i don’t know, high school musical could truely like radiohead’s kind of music. i can’t stand knowing that lots of stupid teenagers will be buying the twilight’s soundtrack, singing the track made by thom yorke, and them they’ll hear some songs like fake plastic trees or creep and say that they’re radiohead’s fans, just like what happened to Muse’s Supermassive black hole.

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  • Symptho

    Im guessing he agreed to score the movie just to fuck with everybody, to filter his stuff through a wave ultra-conditioned douche bag american/british kids. He wouldn’t be thom york if u always new what he was talking about.

  • testlaB

    hahah or he’s trying to infiltrate that whole twlight scene to cognitively disassociate those “douche bags”(lol) from crap like twilight.

  • MIchiFetus

    Ughhh a lot of really good artists are contributing to the shitpile that calls itself Twilight. Thom Yorke doesn’t need the money, and he has always stood against the corporations and all that bullshit that twilight represents. I just don’t understand. Sure he can do whatever he wants……but what the fuck?!? And Lykke Li, St. Vincent, Bon Iver, Grizzly Bear, Iron and Wine, Sea Wolf?!?!?!?! Come on guys!!!! The cool thing about indie music is that it is exactly that! indie, as in independent. Not suckling up to money teat of twilight. I hope Thom has something up his sleeve. maybe he’s got a big surprise “fuck you twilight” planned for us all. we can try to be optimistic.

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