Radiohead nominated for MTV VMA

by Jonathan on August 4, 2009

Karma Police

Yep, it’s true. Bizarrely, it’s for “Karma Police.”

The nomination is for the “Best Video (That Should Have Won a Moonman)” award.

Go to this page and vote!

(thanks to Rachel!)

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  • Luigi

    I didn’t understand how it’s possible..
    Radiohead make Karma Police videoclip in 1997,
    why this nomination in 2009?
    Sorry for my english, it’s late and i’m a french fan 😉

  • Cecilia

    @Luigi, the whole category is for music videos that in the past did not win best video, so they made a category so a past nominee can win.

  • giuliana

    whaaaatttt how weird. i remember when this video was nominated the first time in 98. i actually taped the disappointment and i think its still laying around somewhere. hopefully theyll win this time around =\

  • Karma Police FTW !

  • pntrs._

    everything s great__great video great song __G.luckwith it!
    in other words
    To Be A Brillant Light Radiohead @(On A Friday) Wormwood Demo 3:47 1988
    ! ! !
    next nominee he


  • Yuriy

    now thats the proof that mtv is dumb and slow

  • PsychedelicRonin

    I voted for andre young, ‘coz you know, ther’s nuthin’ but a ‘g’ thaaang and because I dont to see radiohead involved in mtv etc.

  • klemmin

    haha .. for a minute there, they lost themselves. silly mtv.
    the best video indeed!!!

  • h_e_n_r_y

    F this shit!

    RADIOHEAD JUST RELEASED A NEW SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • pntrs._

    yeasssssssss new songgggggg

    sad and beautiful tough__very beautiful_______very____ donwload and help the legion .

    ps: well . . . now i can give some rest to :

    Sinking Ship Radiohead @(On A Friday) Wormwood Demo 3:20 1988 [ hahahah ]

  • Tara

    They should attend the MTV award show and snub more celebrities ….

  • j

    definitely NOT the best radiohead video. One of the more boring ones actually. Should have been a different one. That’s mtv for you though

  • Michael

    I actually remember when this video was originally nominated, I loved the video but wasn’t into Radiohead at all (I was 11) This makes me happy on the inside 🙂

  • rick

    This is certainly news-worthy on a radiohead site. Honestly though, MTV and its awards haven’t been relevant since the mid 90’s. They killed the channel with all the 30 minute sitcoms and reality shows they play most of the day. My favorite Radiohead video is Street Spirit, but Karma Police is a close second.

  • Greta

    I’m sorry for my awful English too, I’m a fan from Russia and I can’t keep silent.
    When MTV came in RF, this clip was the one, that I was waiting for. By hours. There was not Internet or any possibility for me to receive this music. I was watching an interview with group and I was dreaming: I’ll grow, I’ll become a musician and my group will be like this one. Because they are friends. Because only equal creative forces can make a real music. Only friends can b e a r it for a long time.
    So, I am a musician. My group is really like Radiohead, in Russian variant, I think. I know… and I can imagine. What does it mean. How much it costs. I think they are still friends, but in their early forties. I hope… They are happy.
    There are no money, there are many problems and I’m in crisis now, never mind. I have to go work, it is not good for our music. Never mind. I has decided to remember a childhood. (And to check up, how I can to read an English text – to r e a d I can :)). They are still alive, all of them, and nobody of them is in psychiatric clinic. It is great.
    My fans love me. They love me more than my music. They are stupids, but I love them and it gives me forses. Don’t be cruel. Radiohead will never lose themselves, MTV is only means… or just necessity. What about their fifties? Sixties? M? Nobody can stop the time. And you can not, but somebody can overtake it. And we must absolve them, because they really save us.
    I think, they will lose TO themselves. Radiohead will beat Radiohead. Because they are without a rival. So, it is the way of the bests… I don’t know, how I can say it in English. Don’t be cruel. I think it is a very good site and one of them can read your opinions. For example, I read the messages of my fans in social networks, sometimes… If I can, they can. Please, don’t be cruel.
    Thank you for your patience. I’m sorry for my English, and for my hysterics. ????? ?? ??, ??????… ?, ????????, ????? ???… 🙂 Thank you 🙂

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