New Radiohead song leaked?

by Jonathan on August 12, 2009

Maybe so. It’s apparently called “These are My Twisted Words” and it’s definitely Thom singing. Someone made a mysterious post over at the At Ease message board today announcing the leak.

What do you think?

[wpaudio url=”″ dl=”0″]

We have not received any confirmation that this is a legit track but it certainly sounds like it.

Included in the nfo file that was associated with the mp3 is this:

iiii i just wanted to reassure readers iiii
iiii that following representations iiii
iiii seeking confirmation iiii
iiii that before your very eyes iiii
iiii behind the wall of ice iiii
iiii that the box is not under threat iiii
iiii however they are set to remove iiii
iiii other boxes iiii
iiii in fact i have the list in front of me iiii
iiii i went to a briefing on their plans iiii
iiii and challenged them to tell me iiii
iiiii exactly what the cost would be iiiiiii
iiiiii iiiiiiii
iiiiiii they spoke in broad terms iiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiiiiii we’re looking for: talented puppeteers iiiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiiiii worms, disgruntled executives, sacked flies iiiiiiiiii
iiiiiiii genres: doomcore, folktronica, ukf iiiiiiii

Possible lyrics:

These are my twisted words
When I feel you still walking
I know I should not look down
But I’m so sick of just talking

When are you coming back?
I just can’t handle it
When are you coming back?
I just can’t handle it

When are you coming back?
I just can’t stand it
I just can’t handle it

Update: Also included in the nfo file is “…..2009-08-17.” Hmmmmm….. Here’s a pdf of the nfo file if you’re curious.

Update: We’ve have a new post with more info here.

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  • youprn

    I like it, but I think it might be for a Thom solo album, maybe it was recorded by the whole band as an early draft or maybe it’s radiohead’s indeed.

  • Mike

    AMAZING! This is a legit track for sure. Maybe it’ll be on an upcoming EP or something.

  • Tricia

    Yup, that’s definitely Thom. I like it.

  • pantrusiv [ IV ]


    werever it is ! ! ! ep LP solo album [ i don t think so ] werever it is . . . i love it . . .

    that s fuCK great news ! ! ! and awesome song . . .

  • pantrusiv [ IV ]

    and also . . . . and with all my respect . . . that song by itself already got me even better than the whole in rainbows [ both cds ] ! ! ! yes yes yes yes


    [ sorry . . . another crazy radiohead fan ]

  • DSam

    AMAZING SONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! The drums, the bass, the guitar, the vocals, just f u cking rules! And that sure is a message from Thom… now we might guess the puzzle… what it means…

  • bittersweet distractor

    this is amazing!!! I LOVE IT!! I AM HAPPY! =]]

  • pantrusiv [ IV ]

    i just can t stop listening_its 2:13 am i am out_and happy_it really is a promising great epLP or werever____probably 50 comments will surface tomorrow ! if you saw the full pdf and resized it you already saw for sure the confirmation on the song title and i don t even want to think about what the rls date means – don t want to think ! ! ! ! good night !

  • pantrusiv [ IV ]

    last one . . . i truly wish this wasn t a file someone stole from the band . . . peace and hopefully not . . . just a messy joke or manipulation FROM the band. . . i wish so

  • Nordia

    This screams of something Thom would do

  • Sarah

    it’s gone already. ๐Ÿ™ did someone save it? where can i get it?

  • Shawn

    After first listen, and i know you cant listen and truly grasp radiohead on a first listen, it sounds like a B side to me…

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  • jig

    is this the new release strategy?

  • Radiohead, I’m for sure. Listen at the begining, just like ‘Go slowly’ from In Rainbows.

  • Aksel

    This is too fucking awesome!! ๐Ÿ˜€ the song is great, and this must be the release-form Thom talked about in the Believer-interview – the release-form he was so secretive about.. And if it isn’t Mr. Thom Yorke singing on this song, you may call me John Lennon! Fucking great, i almost jumped out of my chair because i got so happy! Hahaaa!

  • pantrusiv [ IV ]

    can anyone read what are the words on the third pfd page ? i got the name on the songs on the two first pages but how about 3 ? would love to know . . . no anticipation [ i actually like to wait ] but what would that be or say ? . . . it reads something like ” MALLOFICE ” or so . . . ahhhhhhhhh curious

  • OLewis

    Sounds like Radiohead to me, not just Thom. I think there’s a certain ambience to Radiohead’s music that Yorke can’t capture on his own. I mean as an album the Eraser was very good and interesting, but I think together as Radiohead they’re on a higher plain. This song’s good, has that unique feel to it. And it’s definitely Thom XD

  • Fastnet


    Correct those lyrics!

    Good song… exciting times.

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  • earnestj

    The instrumental introduction is a bit monotonous, but as soon as the vocals kick in you’re immediately subjected to the darkness which just absolutely permeates from this song. I believe Thom intentionally orchestrated this event as a nod to his fans. It’s obvious he conducted this, the notes which accompanied this song’s download are incredibly Thom-esque. I find it interesting that Thom is communicating with us through this forum, and being that the song’s name is “These Are My Twisted Words” he almost appears to be a celestial being in this perspective. To conclude, I don’t see myself listening to this song repeatedly, due to its tedious nature, and as a result, I give it a 3.6/5.

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  • stephanie

    agree with OLewis
    sounds like radiohead and there amazing effects on the instruments as always i love it <3

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  • I love the beginning though I think the song is a little too long and begins to feel monotonous. But it’s new Radiohead so I shouldn’t complain!

  • Student

    This means Iยดm looking even more forward to hearing them in 10 days i Prague…. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • thomyorke

    Thank you Nigel for posting this amazing new song!! bring on some more!

  • Ben-O

    Thank you Jonathan.

  • Leeny

    i can hear through portishead’s ‘third’ album…. this is a good start … I hope the rythm gets a bit more twisted though, cause the sound is waiting to be discovered … i truely like an unexpected surprisingly disharmony ( a created tension by positive and negative that tingles towards a beautiful picture) … is it possible to see music?

  • Nathan Gregory

    This really nice. Very Portishead ‘Third’, as someone has already said. I really hope we’ll get to hear a whole ep of this.

  • Leeny

    wow … after listening a couple of times everthing turns around … I like it…feels natural to me and some twisted words just come into my mind. Thanks radiohead and there incredible magic for transforming my thoughts and protecting aura.


  • david

    fantastic new song!! the depth of their creativity never ceases to amaze. bravo radiohead.

  • Smitty

    Pantrusive the last page of the PDF reads Wall of Ice……..

    P.S. diggin the new song!

  • Topso Marvo

    Fucking awesome. Their best since Hail to the Thief.

    …Please don’t be for the New Moon soundtrack….

  • a

    I’m actually a bit suspicious that this is an early edit of the New Moon track. To start with, it sounds like one of those closing credits songs. It’s droning and moody, and yes, I know we’re talking about Radiohead here but I wouldn’t be surprised if the band recorded this and let Thom use it as a solo track. Remember that the other guys were on The Eraser too.

    Then again, I could also made the argument that it’s from a new Radiohead release since the beginning sounds like a bit like a transition from another track. Very interesting.

  • Frusrtated Listener

    I LOVE RADIOHEAD!!! but come on!!! this is no where close to the brilliance we’ve all heard before. It sounds like they don’t give a fuck about it anymore. If this a representation of the next record then I don’t plan on paying 1 cent for it, and for that matter I hope they don’t “let us pay what we won’t” ’cause they probably wouldn’t make a buck fifty. Sincerely,
    Concerned Fan #1

  • matze28

    after 20 times hearing it’s boring
    still a good song but a little bit b-side

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  • Faith

    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.
    I love Radiohead.

    Well of course I’d like to sit around and chat
    Well of course I’d like to stay and chew the fat
    Well of course I’d like to sit around and chat
    But someone’s listening in.


    thanks thom for changing music

  • bel

    awasome, incredible as everything it of Radiohead .

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