What we know and don’t know about “These Are My Twisted Words”

by Jonathan on August 13, 2009

We have listened to “These Are My Twisted Words” about 100 times since it was leaked out yesterday. It’s pretty amazing. As of now, there still hasn’t been a peep from the band so we thought we’d post what we know and don’t know.

The track, along with a nfo file, was first uploaded to the site what.cd yesterday by a user named “crza” who had never uploaded anything before in the year he’s been a member. Shortly after this was uploaded, a post was made to the message board at At Ease and from there it spread across the internet.

In the nfo file, “Wall of Ice” is referenced. This is also seen in the file name of the mp3 as “woi”. What does it mean? Is it the name of a forthcoming EP or album by Radiohead? Is it inspired by this web comic? Is it merely the name of the crew/clan/scene group/whatever you call them that the uploader crza belongs to?

The ripper is listed as “sca[GG]er” while “racy251” is credited as created the ascii art.

Also in the nfo file is a release date of August 17, 2009. What is going to happen, if anything, on this date is anyone’s guess. Maybe this is when “These Are My Twisted Words” was intended to be released? Or maybe there will be additional tracks on this day? Questions, questions…

People are speculating that this track is the one that will be in the new Twilight movie. As you may know, Thom is supposedly contributing a song to the soundtrack. While it’s possible (anything is possible!), we seriously doubt it. First off, this clearly sounds like a Radiohead song, not a Thom Yorke solo song. That’s obviously Phil drumming and Jonny playing guitar and the ambience screams Radiohead.

In the recent interview Thom gave The Believer, he mentioned that they have a “good plan” for future releases. It’s possible that this is part of that plan.

All in all, we can only speculate at the moment about what is happening. While it’s unlikely, this could still all be an elaborate hoax of some sort.

What are your feelings about the song? Do you like it? Feel free to comment or join the conversation at our message board, Mortigi Tempo.

Listen to “These Are My Twisted Words”

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  • Conspiracy!

  • Kid J

    Agree that this doesn’t sound like a Thom solo song. His style is very distinctive from that of the band as a whole, and this sounds like Radiohead en masse to me.

    Also, I would expect the New Moon track to sound more single-y than this does, probably less mellow.

    That said, I absolutely love this. It’s my favourite of our recent Radiohead/Thom Yorke windfall.

  • Anna

    Wow, I am getting all excited about this. What’s going to happen! Why must Radiohead have so much suspense?!

  • mmmbop

    crza is obviously Nigel, haha.

  • Da_Ve

    The only reason I think this could be the song for “New Moon” is because of the lyrics. The lyrics fits with the story of “New Moon”, as well as the feeling of the song. Plus, Thom could do this by him self. Though I hope I am wrong about it and it is NEW RH!

  • Milo

    Freakin’ me out!! It’s outstanding…. sounds so deep like Joy Division and “trasty” like Sonic Youth. Their sound never been so great like now… in Rainbows was great!!
    Quit to Parlaphone Dark shadow was a excellent decision.

  • maybe

    well i haven’t heard the song yet – sorry
    but thanks jonathan. that is some nice updates, and a good job on your part.

  • who

    I’m going with theory of the song being for New Moon, the lyrics fit perfectly with the storyline of the book. Would also explain the leak (someone in the movie production), since I’m sure Radiohead has been running a pretty tight ship since the Hail to the Thief leak in 2003. I mean look at In Rainbows…nobody knew anything until a week before they released it.

  • Aksel

    I think it’s a pretty cool number, but seriously, it doesn’t sound like a ‘single’ number to be released (even though i think they did it, on purpous) – it more sounds like a part of a whole – like an EP or a record

  • Am I

    This reminds me of when thom released the Eraser. Thom anounsed the web-site, but noone understood what it was about. Noone seems to understand whats going on now either. hehe. Typical Radiohead. You can hear it’s them playing but the production sounds a little raw imo.

  • these are my twisted thoughts

    Though the nfo file is hardly credible, it’s still interestingly cryptic. Take the line “the box is not under threat…however they are set to remove other boxes…in fact i have the list in front of me”; replace boxes with songs and it sounds like the person obtained this song and is planned on releasing it with no worries as to what would happen to him. Then he says they(RH) are set to remove(release) other boxes(songs) and he has seen a list of such songs. If the above is true, the fact that he was aloud to release it seems very much like this is the secret “plan” for releasing new music. If that is the case then I don’t approve of it. It would be too much like Erin Andrews releasing her own naked video to gain publicity. Regardless, I love the song, and however they come out with new music I will be there waiting.

  • Itypetoomuch

    It is a pretty good song. I am sure Thom could produce the song solo, but it does seem more like RH than his solo work.

    I am still a little angry at Thom for contributing to anything related to Twilight. The books are trash and the movie is trash, however, very popular trash. Yes, I have read the books just so I could be informed when I said it was total gutter trash.

    Back to Radiohead as a whole. If they plan to release songs like this I would be all for it. A song every couple months or something would make fans happy, and they wouldn’t be hard-pressed to undergo the formal process of making an album. They could do that when they felt like it. Just make a good version of ‘Big Boots’ one of those tracks, please!

  • Yuriy

    The song is so so… but anyway, conspiracy has always been turning Thom (and the whole band as well) on 😀
    I like the sound though.. very radiohead, very in rainbows..

  • Cher

    I’m absolutel in love with this song. I’ve listened to it several times today and hoping I can get a download to go into my Radiohead playlist. Like I said, as long as they continue to release quality material, I don’t mind there not being anymore albums for some time.

  • agn

    This song is awesome. It has a lot of textures that remind me of the OKComp days (also to some amnesiac or httt b sides, like those echoed walls of non-musical-sounding effects) , that sonic youth feel (even close to a yo la tengo kind of beat, drums) of neverending guitar lines, and it’s like so post-in rainbows (feels like they took some elements of it -like the delayed three-strings progression- and mixed them with new vibes). Quite dark, intense, i’d love them to come up with a record of this kind.

  • Jamie

    This is a spectacular number! The beats remind me of being under the influence of laughing gas at the dentists office. Such a dreamy track. Numbing. Thom’s vocals are gorgeous as always. I really am hoping this is the first of many Radiohead songs to be released in the coming months. The idea of it completely sends me over the edge in happiness. 😛

  • injektilo

    Reminds me of Permanent Daylight to be honest, which isn’t a bad thing at all !

  • Tania

    Amazing song.. absolutely love it .. It would be amazing that the new album .. or EP.. or whatever.. will be this kind of music.. like a mix from Amnesiac and In rainbows.. and .. something new…
    I hope that this isn’t the song for New Moon.. cause I really like this song…


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  • chris

    if it’s an album i’m skipping work. period.
    if it’s an ep, which is my guess, i’m coming in late, and still ecstatic
    if it’s from twilight i’m going to feel sad, not sure why

    the fact that radiohead has yet to comment pretty much confirms that it’s them, i would think, considering the ‘tight ship’ they’re running, i would also then think, based on the text, that it’s from an ep, that is indeed being released monday, the wallofice.com thing gives this a lot of weight. my hope is that it isn’t just a pairing but maybe four tracks or so, hopefully not b-sides but something relatively conceptual, usually i’m not excited for monday on friday, but then radiohead comes along and fucks with my head

  • these are my twisted thoughts

    Oh wow, i had no idea that wallofice.com takes you to w.a.s.t.e. merchandise page. Now I’m really excited. I want to skip the weekend.

  • Dundun

    Jeez… It’s a pretty average ‘release’ at that.

    Sounds to me like an incomplete sketch of some dirge-like/self-conscious/join-the-dots exercise in Radioheadism.

    And this is coming from a fan.

    Lets all have a little sit down and take five minutes, eh? I’ll put on the kettle.

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  • Timothy Walker

    It all sounds so secretive; as my friend Nick said, conspiracy.
    I would love to think that the one user that posted this mp3 was Thom Yorke.
    How cool.

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