Why the next Radiohead release will probably not be called “Wall of Ice”

by Jonathan on August 14, 2009

Why we’d love to believe that a new Radiohead EP could be released on Monday, we do find it hard to believe that it’s going to be called “Wall of Ice.” Blogs all over the place are speculating that because these words were included in the mp3’s accompanying nfo file as well as file name, that it’s probably going to be the name of the EP. Hell, we even thought about that too, but the more you think about it and the more you talk to people that are familiar with online file sharing sites like what.cd (the site that “These are My Twisted Words” first appeared on), you’ll begin to see that most nfo files include a name of a scene group. What is a scene group you ask? It’s basically a group of individuals who hack, crack, upload, and download stuff that may not be legal or released and are very active in the warez scene. Think of them as a crew. They are also referred to as “release groups” as well. While nobody has heard of Wall of Ice as a scene group before, the nfo definitely makes it seem like that it is.

But wait! If you go to wallofice.com, it takes you to the w.a.s.t.e. digital store! Explain that!

Simple. If you look at the whois information, the site is registered to someone in the Netherlands. They are simply forwarding the domain to w.a.s.t.e. This is very easy to do. This is not a site Radiohead/w.a.s.t.e. has registered, it appears.

We’d love to be wrong about this.

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  • istvan

    very good, watson. very good.

  • Anna

    This is turning into a real mystery…

  • chop

    Yeah, I’d be real upset if Radiohead actually read and enjoyed xkcd…

  • Thom

    It’s all part of my master plan lovies.

  • Sherlock

    I think Thom is fascinated with dissemination of information on the internet and this very well might be the novel way they plan to release their next music, pieces of the puzzle to be discovered. Why would a fan set up a site for WASTE purchases?

  • chop

    To fool us. People did similar things before In Rainbows came out.

  • Bud

    Okay, I do not get the xkcd reference.

  • Your argument is logical, and the forwarding of wallofice.com to the store is clever… But! If it was someone who hacked the song or this isn’t part of something bigger why haven’t we heard from Radiohead or someone who represents them? I would think they would comment on this. That added to the fact that Thom has been known to lurk on atease messageboards leads me to believe this is something bigger. I hope it is all true!

  • shea

    When it happens it happens, get when you can, be positive, do not insult the elderly, hapiness is an ice cream cone on a hot day, clouds are yellow, mixed tapes are back, welcome all my friends, welcome…

  • blah blah sky

    i like it

  • parker

    what do hackers usually circumvent?


    wall of ice, firewall.


  • h_e_n_r_y

    …it’s I Froze Up’s time to shine, baby!!!

    Track 1: Wall of Ice
    Track 2: I Froze Up
    Track 3: These Are My Twisted Blah
    Track 4: Innocents Civilian


  • andrewj

    I’m almost positive its legit. And I remember reading somewhere that they were going to release their new material someway different from how they released in rainbows and maybe this has something to do with it.

  • paul

    Am I the only one who has no idea what is going on here? Would someone be kind enough to fill me in?

  • j
  • pntrs

    if we re doing this for a radiohead ep or cd wow thom has a lot more for his next lyrics . . . and what do we really leave for CIA or things like that ? hell they should hired more radiohead fans [ specially after jonathan ‘s incredible watson like speech. . .wich i enjoyed a lot ] [i am just joking with this]

    shea comment is the key
    me is tired _just wait for monday_the only reason for time is that so everything doens t happen at once_[ einstein-1879/1955 ]/peace /

  • zack lewandowski

    listen man quit your fuckin bitchin…im a die hard radiohead fan…and bands as great as they are dont see a dime from record sales..so shut up..im tired of it..let em tour make their money and let me die in peace cuz i could hear my favorite band play the greatest music ever to hit my ear drums

  • Ripped

    Machiavellian huh.

  • Sherlock
  • Three good songs so far:

    all for the best with andy yorke
    harry patch
    these are my twisted words

  • pntrs

    who is that ” man ” zack lewandowski is refering to ?

  • Well, Im thoroughly convinced this is real. Right

  • Laura

    Why wouldn’t it be possible that a new release group was created to leak this material, and it was named after the (potential) EP -title?
    Or are you suggesting that the whole nfo-file was a hoax?

    Paranoia in the air…

  • chop

    Honestly, Wall of Ice just doesn’t really sound like a release group – and the title actually resembles Radiohead quite a bit so its really hard to say!!

  • Hooray! At last, some sense about “Wall of Ice”. All kinds of places are reporting the rumours as though they were substantiated.

  • Tremulant0320

    I think that Wall Of Ice is still a potential title. Citizeninsane.eu pointed out an interesting detail found in the text of the ASCII file that accompanied the These Are My Twisted Words mp3.

    “One technical detail, which supports the scenario of a leak by the band, is that both this mp3 and the officially sold mp3s of In Rainbows were encoded with LAME version 3.93, while the newest available stable release of that programme by the time of the leak was 3.98.2. It may be coincidence, but may also mean that all these mp3 files were encoded on the same computer.”

  • Jonathan

    Hey there, Green Plastic people!

    I am enjoying this whole thing. I’d imagine the band is watching this unfold much as we are, not knowing exactly what will come next, and I feel that it is amusing in its way. Regardless of whatever this is all about (EP, LP, leak, no leak, whatever it is) the bottom line is that I, like so many others, will greet anything those artists send out to this world with open arms and ears, whenever and however it arrives.

  • Linda Rose

    “May I clearly perceive all experiences to be as insubstantial as the dream fabric of the night and instantly awaken to perceive the pure wisdom display in the arising of every phenomenon.”

  • gpeddino

    By the way: http://twitter.com/wallofice

    “Troubling? Be kind, patient and above all…be nice”

    Sounds like a hoax to me.

  • Amiiiiig

    Guys this is using internet music piracy to your own advantage and as a long shot marketing plan,Radiohead songs can only be among people if they themselves want it to be,so its the band who is doing this,enjoy waiting because even if they didn’t wanted to release anything,now they may do…

  • Leeny

    bring people other paths in mind … about things they love … we all need to look for secrets …so why not going into a radiohead jungle? I love it. True or false- anyway, we are sharing a the same hopes, aren’t we? 😉

  • kiddae27

    Q: So who are these Wall of Ice people?
    A: Dunno…Maybeohead, I suppose.

  • Kitcat

    Who says Radiohead aren’t in the Netherlands? Just a thought. I know they’re “currently in the studio” or whatever, but you never know.

  • Colin Thomas

    Whatever works for me at this point. just going to keep enjoying the new mystery tune while I wait for the Radiohead to say something.

  • h_e_n_r_y

    It’s Monday in England.

    [*crickets chirp & chirp*]

  • MeteoR

    Well I’m kind of sure that this is Radiohead idea to amuse the fans till they release their next EP/LP, but about that xkcd stuff I’m totally mixed-up… anyway I believe that they’d write somethin’ about it on “dead air space” very soon.
    P.S. Ed O’Brien plays astonishing in Twisted Words!

  • Yuriy

    Still Sunday in the US… something is gonna happen..this night.. love this mystery.. waiting for the killing-music-indusrty revolution to be completed

  • Yuriy

    @ Sherlock http://twitter.com/Yussavoice/following

    haha!! its not radiohead!! they hate coldplay!))

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  • atmosmurs

    this is what i get when i go to wallofice.com

    “Don’t just publish bullshit only to get hits on your webpage.
    Don’t just create your own stories after reading one post on a message board.

    Get your facts straight.


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