What is this image?

In our inbox just now, we received a note about a new image appearing at the w.a.s.t.e. store. Apparently, this image was not up earlier today and the only way to access it is to view the current images and replace the jpg number with the next sequential number. The last numbered jpg can’t be found anywhere in the online store leaving us to believe that it is for a new product that hasn’t “gone live” yet. What do you think?

UPDATE: Some super sleuths at the At Ease message board found the words “twisted woods – 2” while viewing the image in a text editor. Does this mean we’ve been “twisting” up the “words” when it comes to the title of the leaked track? Sorry, bad joke.

This does lead us to believe that this could be the artwork for a “Twisted Woods” single release via the w.a.s.t.e. store.


Twisted Woods

UPDATE: Err.. Nevermind. It is called “These are My Twisted Words” and Jonny announced it on DAS.