It’s official: “These are My Twisted Words”

by Jonathan on August 17, 2009


Jonny made an announcement on DAS releasing “These are My Twisted Words”:

So here’s a new song, called ‘These Are My Twisted Words’.

We’ve been recording for a while, and this was one of the first we finished.

We’re pretty proud of it.

There’s other stuff in various states of completion, but this is one we’ve been practicing, and which we’ll probably play at this summer’s concerts. Hope you like it.

Download the audio here or torrent here.

Included in the download is a txt file, a tiff image, and a pdf that reads: “this is an artwork file to accompany the audio file. we suggest you print these images out on 80gsm tracing paper or you printer will eat it as we discovered. you could put them in an order that pleases you.”

Oh, and Big ole heap of fail. The guy who purchased the domain, Reshad Bashir, has posted up a mp3 which isn’t Radiohead. It sounds more like some of the music he creates. Nice try.
UPDATE: looks like the mp3 on was just taken down.

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  • pntrs

    pntrs August 17, 2009 at 7:49 am
    well . . . i got two new songs ! ! i made my second new song playing with the beats [ not sure if made by RH ] at and the new [ this are my twisted words ] . . . handy man enjoys longer __sounds like a great re_mix or just [ no speculations just enjoying life ] maybe why not perhaps those are the beats they use to start building ” T A M T W ” ?

    werever – after the soap opera fans [ me? too ? ] did i needed more than one song [ wich is on my itunes counter already listened 7 times ] ____so i did this__ i am truly sure i will enjoy the new cd ep or any new download they would offer__because TAMTW got me already a lot better than the full in rainbows [ that i have the box set as a good fan that had money at the time that it came out probably have ]

  • Gobfrett Toog

    What the hell is pntrs on about?

  • pntrs

    haha____nothing nothing just bad grammar . . . i am originally argentinian he

  • pantrus

    so i ll try again . . .

    I just said that with the beats that were posted on [ not longer there now . . . ] i made like a remix of this are my twisted words [ TAMTW ] . . . so kind of joking and since i was [ slightly ] down because there was finally no EP out, i mention that I got two songs . . . the new RH song and MY remix . . . just joking around and a bit confuse on my grammar . but that is kind if what i meant .

    sorry Gobfrett Toog for the mess. i ll be better next time

    ps: does anyone know which is this ” Reshad Bashir ” web because i truly enjoyed what he did ! i would love to check his music out

    thank you. we ll see you on the next EP rumor . . . this is gone for now [ with a beautiful new song out by RH left behind ]


  • chr

    click on “music he creates”

  • pantrus

    i dont see the ” music he creates ” link – can you help ? and went and found something on google but nothing in the style of those beats on wall of ice . . .

  • pantrus

    sorry =i got it – same i found on google – still i enjoyed way better the beats on wallofice ! ! – i hope he make something like that as a full song !

  • wwwwwwwwwww

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    @@@@@ @@@@@ @@@ @@ @@ @@@ @@@@ V@@ @@ @@@ @@@@
    @@@@@ @@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@@@@@ @@ V@@ @@@@@@ @@@@@

  • pntrs

    enjoying this sendspace link_whoever it was . . . thank you – very nice

  • danielmg

    Did you notice that the artwork it’s in the nfo file? and why jonny put the link to the wall of ice mp3 torrent?

  • alejandro

    I don’t believe this is “the first song they completed.” It doesn’t make sense because at the beginning, it sounds like it’s crossfading with some other song. That song would have to be completed for the two to link up like that. Or am I reading (listening?) this all wrong?

  • demon

    this song really isn’t that good. i liked in rainbows but this lacks any passion. very redundant. and Harry patch, that song is a poor attempt at orchestral music. It’s like it was chopped in Pro tools and not in a good way. That glissando is just so stupid and predictable. And Thom’s voice is so exposed it reveals that he’s not exactly the best of singers.nice idea but poor execution. sorry to rain on your parade!

  • Dan

    I keep hearing Interstellar Overdrive every time I hear this song.

  • alexander

    interstellar overdrive, haha )) there’s some likeness, indeed. other than that… arpeggi, and arpeggi again. either i didn’t get into it, or tamtw is just boring.

  • maybe

    our boys are in shape! great sound, powerful jam. LOVE IT!

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  • Andy

    Yeah, the Harry Patch song is terrible – great cause, obviously, but not a good song. Doesn’t sound like a Radiohead song, just Thom singing over a pretty mediocre classical score. And the guy here is right – Thom’s voice is beautiful in the right context but it just doesn’t work so exposed.

    Twisted Words sounds incomplete/unfocused to me – but then again I wasn’t 100 percent about In rainbows when it came out and now it’s in my top 5 favourite albums…

  • Marie

    I really don’t like this song. What’s with the hour long intro?! It’s repetitive and his voice is annoying on the track.

    I love them forever but this song is a no for me!

  • immortaLion

    Ahhhhhh, this is such a haunting song.

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