Tonight: Radiohead in Austria

by Jonathan on August 21, 2009

Radiohead is back on tour starting tonight at the Frequency Festival in Austria. As always, we welcome your reviews at our gigography.

What can we expect tonight? New songs? Jonny alluded to that on DAS on Monday. We’ll see….

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  • maybe

    go radio!

  • New songs! New songs! New songs!

  • Tania

    Please radiohead!.. play new songs!!

  • An

    im dying where is the setlist???????!!!!!!!!!????????????

  • Tappo

    I hope to see a great setlist (nothing else is possible though)! The Present Tense with the whole band would be very nice to hear!

  • kozmo

    whos the supporting act on this summer leg.

  • lu2kasz

    1. 15 Step
    2. There There
    3. Airbag
    4. All I Need
    5. Kid A
    6. The National Anthem
    7. Nude
    8. Weird Fishes/Arpeggi
    9. The Gloaming
    10. Myxomatosis
    11. Climbing Up The Walls
    12. Street Spirit (Fade Out)
    13. Videotape
    14. Jigsaw Falling Into Place
    15. Karma Police
    16. Bodysnatchers
    17. Idioteque
    18. These Are My Twisted Words
    19. Pyramid Song
    20. Reckoner
    21. (Nice Dream)
    22. Paranoid Android
    Encore 2:
    23. Everything In Its Right Place

    support act at normal gigs is moderat

  • Flo

    supporting will be moderat: a berlin DJ mix from modeselektor and apparat.

  • Andy

    add in/replace with 2+2=5, Just and Bangers and Mash and you have the ‘perfect’ Reading Fest sunday rockier set list.

  • opaquiosq

    (Nice Dream)? What a rare surprise that would be. Maybe Sulk will make an appearance one of these days as well.

  • ste bray

    i hope there supporting next sat that would be amazing

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