Thom Yorke Makes Surprise Guest DJ Appearance at the Roosevelt Last Night

by Jonathan on September 16, 2009

Thom Yorke Makes Surprise Guest DJ Appearance at the Roosevelt Last Night – Los Angeles Music – West Coast Sound.

L.A. Weekly is reporting that Thom Yorke was a surprise guest DJ last night at the Roosevelt Hotel in Los Angeles.

Thom Yorke spun at Tropicana at the Roosevelt Hotel last night, according to many Tweets. The Tuesday evening gig, normally a weekly event hosted by Ashtar Command/Yum Yum/Paul McCartney DJ Chris Holmes, turned up a notch when longtime Radiohead producer Nigel Godrich showed up with Yorke, who jumped on the turntables (and apparently played Major Lazer). A source says that the surprise DJ set was totally unplanned and therefore unannounced. What Yorke’s up to in LA is top secret. We’ve heard rumors, but we’re not allowed to spread them just yet.

What is Thom doing in L.A.? Hmmm….

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  • wondermilk


  • Hmmm affair thickens …

  • these are my twisted thoughts

    probably working on that gay new moon track

  • Simón

    Ha, Thom likes Major Lazer! Oh boy. I’d love to see the tracklist from his DJ-ing.

  • Jamie

    What? Ugh that would be an incredible experience to behold.
    Hmmm it is quite peculiar that Thom would be in LA with Stanley.
    The suspense is killing me! I expect brilliance!

  • Tara

    Thom is in L.A. to film a cameo for New Moon.
    You heard it here first.

  • Alex

    urghlll. . throwing up in mouth . .

  • Samm

    Thom has the Age of Stupid premiere and the Ciao My Shining Star Concert in NY this week. Aside partying, shopping and all those things he loves to do! The boy gets around!

  • Max P

    Maybe broadcasting reckoner after the Age of Stupid premier Monday?

  • h_e_n_r_y

    He’s getting his tits done.

  • earnesj

    awesome, I live near L.A., maybe he’ll move to the U.S. 🙂

  • Joe

    um, perhaps not.
    he’s in LA to record his other solo album. that’s what the “pulled apart” tracks were from.

  • Nigel

    I don’t know how you found out about that, but it’s not being broadcast yet for a reason. Spilling other people’s secrets can get you in trouble.

  • radioshred

    Thom is in LA because he was entering in a local darts tournament.


  • Casey

    He has started a celebrity gossip colum in the LA times.

  • redrumPole

    Major Lazer! they are soooo gooood 🙂

  • DD

    New Thom Yorke solo! Please God, let it be!

  • Chris

    Any connection to his rumored collaboration with jack white?

  • jacob

    why is he doing track for tht gay Moon movie. May be big bucks $$$. anyhooo.. I’m going for age of stupid. should be all good!

  • blamp

    Gasp!! Nigel and Thom have ran away together! They just couldn`t hide their feelings any longer.

  • wreck

    Is anyone else drooling for a recording of his set?

  • i would love to [ ps tonight age of stupid ! ! ]

  • the link is just to chill around – nothing pro [ hahaha at all ! ! ! ! ! ] . . . i imagine what people cpould think of it if they complain about RH and TY music haha

    hope everyone is going to age of stupid

  • cosimnot

    you guys apparentley don’t know thom at all… well, neither do I, but I do know he wouldn’t travel about 10 hours by plane just to play Reckoner “from an undisclosed location (!).” come on, that’s just a waste. he’s got to be there to either record that solo track for that New Moon movie, or he’s making another solo album.. those would be the only things that would make him make the trip to the U.S.

  • crazysause

    i think its to work on that SUPER homo movie new moon’s soundtrack

  • alec

    Joe wrote:
    “um, perhaps not.
    he’s in LA to record his other solo album. that’s what the “pulled apart” tracks were from”

    My thoughts exactly.

  • pp

    taking money from the very ‘people’ he dislikes !

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