Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses

by Jonathan on September 22, 2009

Lot’s of Thom news lately, huh?

In case you’re living under a rock, two new Thom Yorke tracks were released. The song “Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses” was released on limited edition 12″ vinyl last week. If you haven’t heard the song, which used to be called “Reckoner” before the new “Reckoner” was recorded, then take a listen below.

There is also a video for the flipside track, “The Hollow Earth”. It was created by Raymond Salvatore Harmon and uses imagery from Banksy. From what we understand, this is not an “official promo” for the song.

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  • JJ

    i love pulled apart more than tamtw. that is amazing. wow!!!!

  • JJ

    even if one is rh and the other ty. i know, but if that is what reckoner used to be that is pretty crazy

  • JonasHex

    Feeling Pulled Apart By Horses and Hollow Earth are both BETTER than These Are My Twisted Words by a mile.

  • pntrs


    i am going to say this again and again with all my respect . . . people . . . slow down . . . what U are going to get is great musicians like T Y not feeling making anymore music . . .

    try to say i like this maybe more than that, etc etc, but who are we to say THIS IS BETTER OR THIS IS WORST – werever it is, artists put too much on building a new feeling that is call song . . . don t judge like this – not about a song not about a life of a person etc etc – just say well . . . is great but I THINK that . . . is great but I PERSONALLY like it better than. . . or things like that .

    please … we have to change the way we think about things people – if not believe me – this world is never going to change – and it’s only an example i give U about music – in general.

    world . . . slow down . . . trust me . . . U are wrong [ and I used to make same mistakes ] —- let s start building a better place for human beings . . . please

    ps : i give U another example – i am a hobbyist musician – i swear i don t want to become a permanent musician or anything like that [ i just want to open a lounge/restaurant and DJ the music I love and make people feel comfortable in my place ] , but i am a hobbyist musician – i make music – just ideas – i play with them a little bit and then i jump to something else – with this i want to say that after reading all this blogs etc about so many people criticizing so badly RH or T Y music i feel like i don t even want to do anything myself anymore. . . if people can say something like this about super great musicians [ and smart intelligent super great people like Yorke and others ] what am i going to make music myself for? i mean you re killing my likes of making music [ as a hobby ] – again , this are all examples just to show you [ not jonas ] but the world [ at least the world who follow this webs ] that
    W E H A V E T O S L O W D O W N
    a little bit because we are wrong .

    at the very end . . . DOWN IS THE NEW UP right ?


  • Muldfeld

    pntrs, Thom Yorke won’t stop making music because some people don’t like it. The worst scenario is where we have hero-worship and no one is honest to the artist because of fear of offense. It’s important that people are honest about their tastes and this often precludes the phrase “I think” or “I feel that” because every statement is an opinion, but some opinions are so strongly held, it’s essentially objective fact. I.e. Radiohead IS BETTER THAN Snow Patrol. It’s just a fact. Thom Yorke has no trouble calling other artists crap, anyway. So, don’t worry. He’ll be fine with it in the long run. You can’t tell me he wasn’t happy to subvert people’s expectations with the “In Rainbows” version of “Videotape”, which many of us preferred in its 2006 form.

  • Hodge Podge

    The second one now says “this video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by “Thom Yorke”. Wow, that seems like a u-turn for him after the Prince thing… Wonder if its because of the film.

  • pantrus


    i got U – i just feel really bad listening to people being so demanding and strict about their words . . . i would love that to change and people being a bit nicer or more polite in the way they refer or express themself about other people that are really great and big on their ideas.

    even if thom yorke wont make more music i wont die but i will die one day of being sad about how people express and think about life

    but i understand your point

  • JonasHex

    Pantrus, I just gave my opinion about THREE Thom Yorke songs (one being with Radiohead, one alone and one with Jonny). I prefer the two new ones than TAMTW. I don’t think Thom would feel offended by that! I am, in fact, praising his work, just stating that the new ones are BETTER than that one. Just that.

    And Hodge Podge , about Thom taking down the ‘Hollow Earth’ video from Youtube, people should get that the guy who did that video was claiming it to be an ‘OFFICIAL’ video by Thom Yorke. If you do a search you will see that others fan videos with the song STILL there, only that one was taken down because it was being called official when in fact Thom has nothing to do with it.

  • Ben

    All this aside, wasn’t a digital download supposed to be available yesterday for Hollow Earth and Feeling Pulled Apart by Horses? It’s not at W.A.S.T.E, did I miss something?

  • pantrus

    jonas – i guess i was referring more to other people but you just rang the bell . . .

    it’s not about thom being offended or not – believe me – i am just saying that people are being too strong on the way they refer to things – and you never said [ i PREFER the two new ones than TAMTW ] you just stated that [ . . . are both BETTER than ] and i think we should be very clear about how we refer to things – how can we say it’s better or not – we should say [ as you did a lot better on your second post ] i prefer or i think so we don t sound like as@H#@@s –

    i insist it’s not that important but i would love people to re-think how we express about life – that will make as better human beings and this world [ i know it sounds like a fantasy ] maybe will start to change

    is not about U sorry – is about everyone even myself that make same mistakes – i hope someone get my point – little things [ like being more respectful and polite in our thoughts and the way we express them ] will change the world [ if it ever change ]

  • blamp

    @ Ben, yes I thought that was the case too. Digital download for members and a download for non-members on 6th Oct? Is that right? Perhaps I`m missing something too

  • Gimbar

    yeah i just wondering too Oo
    i searched for hours (nearly ;D) and didn’t find anything
    theres no dowload…not on waste shop ether in the members area…
    if somewhere there outside a guy or girl who can post the link?

  • shlomer

    Feeling pulled apart by horses… where have ai heard that song before?

    oh yeah, early reckoner!@!!!!@$%!@^@^& so kick ass 😀


    still love the song.

  • JJ

    on DAS, thom stated that the songs are available for vinly only currently through the website. He said that the digital version will be available for download like october 5th i believe. so, im guessing we will have to wait for october for any of us to download it beyond buying the record themselves. and so this is clear, here is the link to buy the record


    hope that helps clear things up a bit . and btw i think maybe you guys got too ticky tacky with the hole idea behind musical opinions. i agree with change, but the revolution will not be televised. in a perfect world; the thoughts and opinions of value would be respected with equality; alas, we are a selfish species and rarely look beyond our porch. global warming, terrorism, swine flu, etc.. these are instruments of control as well as issues that we usually avoid until it is in our face; however, there are still beautiful people doing wonderful things to make it a little better. as long as the positivity keeps finding air, i will continue to believe in the hope of tomorrow. besides, im an optimist with no other choice because this life is a gift in a box with no where to go. peace and love

  • pantrus

    peace JJ

  • redlotus51

    If you bought the vinyl you can go to the site with the order number and get the download.

    Hell, I like all the new stuff… so much to enjoy, Jonny’s strings on the Patch song, Present Tense all over, Super Collider (tho not really new) lyrics , the beats of FPABH and the RnB falsetto singing and catch tune.

    Why the need to rate and rank ? Music likes and dislikes are so subjective how can one think their opinion is an objective generalized statement of ultimate truth ?

    But how important is what I think anyway ? Anyway.

  • I’m really happy for you Thom Yorke,
    I always thought everything you do is great and all,
    …and Imma let you finish…
    …this is the most overrated misuse of sounds OF ALL TIME!!!
    I’m just sayin.
    You aint gonna change the world unless you…
    Grow ya beard and make some hip hop.
    Or just invent a new brand of Hipster Hop. Hippity Hop. hippity hop.
    These are my twisted words…write some good songs for human beings…not for people who get high and say you’re the greatest.

  • Skylar.

    What the hell, weezy?

    You sounded a bit high there.

    Radiohead takes me to a natural high, an ethereal experience. maybe you don’t understand taht.

  • Ola B.

    pantrus? the-FAC-commenting pantrus? 😉 it’s Ola B., great to see you here, you wise man 😉
    maybe not a good place to saying hi to you, but I guess spamming here is better than spamming on FAC message board 🙂
    i’d love to keep in touch with you, as you seem to be one of the most interesting people I’ve ever found speaking on the net 😉 could you send me a message? olabas(at)o2(dot)pl
    as i’m really into talking to you and hearing what you have to say 😉

    back to the topic of new Thom tracks – pantrus is right, if you like those songs – great, if you don’t – go and find something you like, it’s really THAT simple. it’s not a candy bar, you just can’t say it’s “good” or “bad”. it’s only time that can say so… music which will be still listened to in, let’s say, 20 years, will prove on it’s own that it’s good.

  • Yeah…and I would let you finish Ola B? is it?
    But I can’t let you finish…because there are two options…
    Black…or white.
    Color…vs. the absence of color.
    Yes…vs. No
    Sex…vs. Abstinence
    You can’t penetrate yourself!!! You still put it in That counts!
    I’m just sayin.
    And Skylar? Who are you some natural high fashion model?
    Everything is not in its right place maaaaann.
    HahahHAhaha…in the end I think Myself, Weezy, along with some other fans understand that
    …in the end
    It is Either GOOD or BAD. And in the present you may deny the lack of entertainment longevity that exists in these new tracks…but this IS NOT THE GREATEST OF ALL TIME HELL IT AINT EVEN GOOD…what happened to the harcore guitar element of the original Reckoner?? What a tease Thommy boy.
    In Rainbows was the last good sign of Radiohead…hell even Hail to the Thief had some taste.
    But in 20 years? This will not be what Thom Yorke is known for.
    In 20 years people will be sayin’
    Oh that Thom Yorke was wonderful…but this 2009 EP was shite.
    I’m just sayin. Love yall.

  • Ola B.

    I respect your opinion, Weezy. And I’ll be the one to let YOU finish. So giving no comment back.

  • livvie

    pulled apart is BAD now haha
    just like videotape was better at ether fest
    radiohead are old news and thom has officially lost all credibility

  • Hey all,

    long time visitor, first time reading comments…
    just gotta post up on some things.

    While I agree with the basic foundations of pantras argument, I most say it seemed a little touchy. Just sayin man, but I agree that we have to rethink the way we talk about most art, because it has become about trying to appeal to opinion rather than to a muse. So pantras a tip of the hat for at least being active in starting what is an overdue step in human evolution.

    As far as the new tracks are concerned:

    TAMTW is an incredible song, but most people (and I am talking about diehard Radiohead fans here) that I have played it for have given me an apathetic response. I myself feel that is an incredible psychedelic piece of music that rekindles the spirit of Floyd at times.

    FPABH was a good song. I must say that I agree with Weezy’s opinion, flame-bait it may be, of the overuse of noise in this track. I really preferred it with the guitars. I wonder if Thom’s insistence of going all digital may be why this was released as a solo track than a band track. But what really posses the artists we love to do what they do is beyond speculation anyways. 😉

    Hollow Earth has a much better tonal quality to it and is also much more subtle with its use of electronics. I much prefer the liquid beat over the cacophony of noise that Pulled Apart is. Again just my opinion. Hollow Earth is an enjoyable song, but nothing that really stands out amongst Thom and Radiohead’s careers.

    Just my two cents.

  • Ted S

    You are all entitled to your opinion.

    Thom Yorke would never want you to shut up, or force will upon you. Or alter your criticism.

    All good musicians make music for THEMSELVES, believe me, you are an afterthought. If you are not an afterthought, then the artist your listening to is kanye west.
    See a good musicisn is selfish, he thinks only of him/her self when they make the music.
    Bad artists, “OASIS”, do things based on what others will think, that is why Thom calls them garbage.

    Thom has soul, alot of others don’t, so judge away, cause he ain’t listening.

  • Treehut

    This video really suited the song until Thom asked them to remove it

  • aum

    Everybody thinks that they know how an artist like T Y thinks… jajaja… So fany…
    The only fact is the song is not available cause the autor asked for it… jajaja… he doesn t care about you!!!

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