New Thom Yorke Track: Hearing Damage

by Jonathan on September 22, 2009

Twilight Thom

After months of rumors, it is now confirmed that Thom is contributing a track to the upcoming Twilight sequel, New Moon. The track will be called “Hearing Damage” and will be released with the rest of the soundtrack on October 20. Here’s the full tracklist:

1. Death Cab For Cutie – “Meet Me On The Equinox”
2. Band Of Skulls – “Friends”
3. Thom Yorke – “Hearing Damage”
4. Lykke Li – “Possibility”
5. The Killers – “A White Demon Love Song”
6. Anya Marina – “Satellite Heart”
7. Muse – “I Belong To You (New Moon)”
8. Bon Iver and St. Vincent – “Roslyn”
9. Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – “Done All Wrong”
10. Hurricane Bells – “Monsters”
11. Sea Wolf – “The Violet Hour”
12. OK Go – “Shooting The Moon”
13. Grizzly Bear – “Slow Life”
14. Editors – “No Sound But The Wind”
15. Alexandre Desplat – “New Moon (The Meadow)”

More information can be found at Rolling Stone, where we also nicked the photo above from. 🙂

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  • livvie

    haha, the shoop of thom as edward is perfect and it reflects exactly the kind of shitty commercialist ass that he professed NOT to be all along. the twilight ‘saga’ is poorly written fanfic by a stupid mormon about a stupid girl with a stalker vampire boyfriend who gets pregnant. end of story.

    good choice there thom! you stay strong with those ideals!

  • Livvie: I might buy that if Thom had done the “shoop” himself. I hardly see why contributing a piece of music to a film (albeit a highly commercial film with questionable literary value), makes him a “commercialist ass”. Contributing one song does not undermine the tremendous efforts he and the rest of Radiohead have done to break down barriers in the music industry, revolutionize the way bands think about touring and carbon impact, and create music on their own terms. Im glad to see he and the band take on side projects and work within popular culture… better that than take an elitist/isolationist stance and withhold their work.

  • Dear Oh Dear

    The issue is not that Twilight is an inspid teen romance. It’s that it is an insipid teen romance that is being used as a vehicle to push the Mormon author’s Christian conservative agenda.

    Seriously, read a synopsis of Breaking Dawn, the final book in the series.

    (Can you really spoil something if it’s awful?)

    After three books of stalking chaste courtship, Bella finally marries her vampire sweetheart, Edward, at the tender age of eighteen. Edward whisks Bella away to a tropical island for their honeymoon. They consummate their marriage there, and, two weeks later (SURPRISE, SURPRISE!), teenage Bella discovers she’s preggers. The fetus, being a vampire-human hybrid, develops at an accelerated rate, and its kicks are strong enough to break Bella’s ribs. Edward, fearing for Bella’s life, begs her to terminate the pregnancy, but she refuses. Edward then discovers he shares a psychic connection with the fetus, which he learns is conscious, and already wuvs its mommy and weally, weally, weally isn’t twying to kill her. Then, a mere month after the honeymoon, Bella goes into labour, and starts hemorrhaging blood. Edward is forced to perform an impromptu c-section on her (using his fangs, no less), and then, as she’s moments from death, he bites her, thereby making her immortal and lowering in the deus ex machina. To make things even creepier, Jacob, secret werewolf and unlucky corner of the Bella-Edward-Jacob love triangle, “imprints” on Bella’s newborn daughter, which means he marks her as his soulmate (albeit involuntarily).


    Thom Yorke has taken a progressive stance on every political issue I’ve ever heard him speak out on, which leads me to believe that he must have thought Twilight was simply a bit of harmless fluff, and was not aware of its insidious neocon message.

  • Elziabeth

    what you wrote…
    I love it.
    Maybe I’ll read this breaking dawn..
    I love thom yorke for rejecting celebrities who are over their head.
    Twilight protaganist seem very independent.
    except for some of the nobodies involved.

  • Fred R Happier


    Nothing so ridiculously teenage, and desperate.

    Like a religious conservative agenda.

  • BruisesThatWon’tHeal

    Wow. Relax. NEW THOM YORKE! That’s all I need to hear, and I’m a strong proponent. And as far as the Twilight series and Stephanie Myers go, once again RELAX. I stumbled into the books by accident and found them to be enthralling. I read all four. Surely, not literary genius by any measure, but why do we read books? To be entertained. And that’s precisely what these books do. I will be the first to admit that Stephanie Myers would greatly benefit from a “How To Use Adjectives” course, but whatever. The books were good for what they were. Imaginative entertainment.
    And to the complete ignoramus making “Mormon conservative agenda” remarks, you’re a douche. If Stephanie Myers were Jewish and you said anything like that, you’d be branded as an anti-semite and everyone would hate you. I’m LDS, I love RH, and I loved these books. It can be done, I assure you. Also, if Mrs. Myers were to be “pushing her conservative agenda”, don’t you think she would have used better words? She’s not a very good writer, and thus is more than likely incapable of encrypting a subliminal message into her stories. Back up, fool, and please refrain from putting your foot in your mouth anymore in the future.

  • funkymertie

    BruisesThatWon’tHeal-And to the complete ignoramus making “Mormon conservative agenda” remarks, you’re a” douche.”

    Nice “noun ” – suggest you enlist in a course with Stephanie Meyers…..on how to be a good christian. Stop the name calling – read the post a couple of more time….maybe you will get what is actually being written….instead of trying to deflect what is actually being said

  • Dear Oh Dear

    You are completely missing the point, BruisesThatWon’tHeal. You have conveniently ignored the fact that Stephenie Meyer advocates the following ideas in Breaking Dawn:

    – Teenage pregnancy is acceptable as long as the parents practiced abstinence until marriage.
    – Abortion is unacceptable even when the pregnancy threatens the woman’s life.
    – Marriage and family should naturally be a woman’s highest aspirations. Bella gives up going to college so that she can be the child bride of Edward, and quickly comes to accept her unplanned pregnancy to the point she’s willing to die to see it through, although she said she didn’t want children in earlier books.

    These views are completely out of touch with what is mainstream in our society. The view on abortion is particularly extreme, as most pro-lifers allow for certain exceptions like rape, incest, and life of the mother.

    And to the complete ignoramus making “Mormon conservative agenda” remarks, you’re a douche.

    I said “the Mormon author’s Christian conservative agenda.” The Christian right is made up of Christians from many denominations, including evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons. The views of the Christian right aren’t exclusive to a single denomination, and not all evangelicals, Catholics, and Mormons subscribe to the views of the Christian right. I only pointed out that Stephenie Meyer is a Mormon to clarify the denomination of Christianity to which she belongs.

    If Stephanie Myers were Jewish and you said anything like that, you’d be branded as an anti-semite and everyone would hate you.

    Since when has criticizing a particular religious viewpoint been tantamount to promoting hate? Thinking that circumcision is wrong, or disagreeing with Zionism, is not the same thing as anti-Semitism.

    “I’m LDS, I love RH, and I loved these books. It can be done, I assure you.”

    I never suggested that this couldn’t be done. Please refrain from putting words in my mouth anymore in the future

    Also, if Mrs. Myers were to be “pushing her conservative agenda”, don’t you think she would have used better words? She’s not a very good writer, and thus is more than likely incapable of encrypting a subliminal message into her stories.

    The quality of writing has no bearing on whether or not it might be considered propagandistic. Also, the books don’t have a subliminal Christian right message, but a trojan horse Christian right message. The teen romance of the first three books is used as a device to quietly wheel in the political agenda of the fourth.

  • swences

    “Dear oh Dear”, I don’t know if you read any of my long ass diatribes in the earlier comments, but your insight alone into Breaking Dawn should leave people dumbfounded and convinced that this is total insane bullshit. And should leave people wondering just how the fuck is Thom allowing himself to be connected with this!?!

    Clueless and Harry Potter, that’s all harmless hocus pocus and whatever, but this twilight business is twisted and distorted nonsense. I mean Fuck!, it’s not even well written!

    Holey Frijole! Am I insane for not being able to understand why people can swallow this turd and ask for more?

  • Marla Singer

    News flash! Maybe Thom read the books and liked what he read, or perhaps he himself, is past all the political and religious b.s. you guys are trying to sling onto him and the Twilight saga. Maybe he just felt like doing what he wanted to do. That really doesn’t give anyone the right to call Thom names or assume he’s this or that. The same goes with Mrs. Meyer. -He is an individual who makes choices based on whatever the hell, just like we all do everyday. Not all of them are going to win popular, but so what? Life is too short for this shallow minded bickering. If you don’t agree with Thom’s decision to contribute to the movie’s soundtrack, then I suggest you just accept it, and move on with your daily life instead of taking the extra 5 minutes out of your life (and mine) to write how pissed off you are that your “Indie God” has failed you. Really? Come on people. Get on with your lives, there are bigger issues to tackle than this. Insofar as my opinion goes, I like the books, and I like Thom. Great reads, great music. Thanks for your contribution, Thom!

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  • Michael

    Didn’t two of the members of Radiohead not only record a song, but actually appear in a Harry Potter film? Twilight is trash, for sure, but they could do a lot worse. I mean good for New Moon for gathering an impressive roster of musicians for its soundtrack (as someone said – that will be the most legitimate thing about the movie), and good for the artists involved who have surely been well payed for their contribution.

    I downloaded the soundtrack when it leaked sunday night, and I was shocked at how good it was (due to the quality of the musicians involved), and if you try not to think that it was for New Moon it is actually a really good collection of songs. And the Thom Yorke song is definitely the best track on the album (surprise!) I actually recommend the whole album, but definitely downloading the song Hearing Damage which is really awesome.

  • Fred R Happier

    Look. Steph stole the whole idea from Thom!

    His idea was called: ‘The Gloaming’.


  • Fred R Happier

    We Suck Young Blood. Hmmm. Hmmmm. Thom?

  • Fred R Happier

    Hail To The Teeth!


    TO: Dear Oh Dear

    you, my friend, just made my day.

  • LONDONFolcroft

    its one song to a film that thom yorke could care less about does anybody remember “talk show host” and how awesome that song is, that was on a commercially succesfull movie Romeo and Juliet my point being as long as the shit rocks then who gives a fuck where or how its being released, but be thankful and grateful for being able to listen to it

  • A fan of both and proud of it!

    Can I just say that “15 steps”, a Radiohead song, was at the end of the first Twilight film. Honestly, I think Radiohead/Thom Yorke couldn’t give a crap about the films. Can’t we just enjoy the amazing Thom Yorke for what he is, a genius?

    And the books are harmless fun. Leave people to enjoy what they want to. Being different makes us human and I for one enjoy that fact. If people really want to read what you class as “crap”, let them, maybe they need to escape life for a while. Yes I see the Christian values portrayed in the film, fine, whatever. I’m not going to get married, fall pregnant and NOT study, but I am going to enjoy a novel which is highly entertaining and just a good laugh!

  • napoleon

    You know.. it’s OK to play a song in a shitty movie.. but this picture?? jeez.. its terrible.. totally ridiculous! Jonas Brothers couldnt be so pathetic.

    But this whole thing reminds me of a movie by Richard Linklater “fastfood nation” which stars Avril Lavigne. Linklater wanted to involve the kids and teenagers in the cause that the movie is engaged, so he did it by getting Avril to participate in the movie. Maybe Thom wants to touch people that he doesnt usually get to touch.
    I dont know.. just trying to find out a point to make things less disappointing..

  • KC

    To Dear Oh Dear,

    If it makes any difference to you, Bella did not believe the fetus was going to kill her. She makes it very clear that she is not martyring herself. (It’s Edward who’s freaked out.) Also we as a society have decided that 18 years of age is not too young to have a child. If we thought otherwise, the age of consent would be raised.

    As for marriage being a woman’s highest aspiration, I agree that the author would say yes (that is her message), given the right partner. At least in Twilight it went both ways; it was Edward’s highest aspiration, too. I can’t really argue with your point here; Bella gives up everything in order to be with Edward. That’s the theme of the books.

  • Liz

    Before you slam the books/movies/soundtracks, you should really see the scene in New Moon where they use Yorke’s song. It is utterly impressive and the best scene in the entire movie.

  • Hana

    So disappointed and angry when I went to iTunes and realized you can’t buy Hearing Damage without purchasing the entire New Moon album. What a rip off.

  • Staci

    I bet Stephenie Meyer just loves all this talk about her books…although I have to say that I can bet most of the 13 year-olds reading them have absolutely no clue about a mormon agenda. Humph. You sound a lot like the person who wrote disparaging remarks throughout the copy of Eat Pray Love I borrowed from the library. Was that you??? Oh, well Dear, Oh Dear…at least you inspired a few on here to actually buy the book and read it for themselves. Kudos.

    Twilight/New Moon = books turned into movies…that’s it. No one, including the author, ever mentioned they were planning on winning the Nobel Prize for Literature. Don’t like them? Don’t read the books or watch the movies. Crawl under your rock and find some new conspiracy theory to harp on. Thom Yorke = musician. Don’t like the fact his song is in a movie that’s hugely popular with just about every female demographic? Stop listening.

    P.S. Liz…I completely agree…Hearing Damage makes that scene the best in the film.

  • kitty

    I personally think the song fits the scene lovely.

  • Pavel

    music Radiohead… vor dream))

  • Joakkin

    New Moon/Twilight/Toyota Eclipse/Sunrise-with-a-hot-dog-in-my-hand/TheVampireDiaries/AmericanIdol/MichaelBay/DesperateHousebrats/JonasBrothers/GeorgeBush/Facebook

    is just stuff that´s not happening to me.

    Mr Yorke, you are despite all of this a truly genious. You raise the flag of the ultimate band still alive in this silly world. You are part of Radiohead. The absolut reason on why still listening to music nowadays. That´s all that matters: Radiohead.

    —–Sorry bout my poor English. I´ve learned to read 3 months ago. My country is on war constantly.

  • lucky jhonny

    damn ….are u sure that tom is so full of himself … hes good but really i dont think he brags about it ,,…whats done ids done get over it

  • big dog

    everyone should keep their shitty opinions to themselves….none of anyones business who is trying or not trying to impress anything upon anyone…. that is the same as saying that “fear and loathing in las vagas” is trying to push the importance of drugs to have a good trip…..or saying that”harry potter” is warping kids brains!!! lol……… tv and the radio and newspapers are FULL of bs that people want us to live by and believe in…..but books are fiction for the soul… keep your crap opinions to yourself and let everyone else in the world think for them selves… a fan!

  • Emilie Larue

    Just one question. Does anyone know if Hearing Damage was written specially for the soundtrack, or was it just a song Thom would allow in the soundtrack? After I understood that what he really ways is “a tear in my brain allows the voices in”, I couldn’t help but think that he is talking about Edward’s power to hear people’s thoughts. The only person he cannot hear is Bella, that’s one of the reasons why he’s attracted to her. “your mind is restless, you wish you felt better, they say you’re getting better, but you don’t feel any better” Imagine being able to hear everybody’s inner voice, it would be really tiring, and it would really feel like some hearing damage, exhausting, tiring.

    my two cents. I think the song suits the film pretty well. my teen years are far gone and i’m a big fan of the twilight movies. of course i was a big fan of radiohead first, and i loved that they used 15 step in the first film of the saga. maybe i’m just a freak or a vampire, maybe i just can relate a lot to thom yorke.

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