Thom Yorke has a new band

by Jonathan on September 28, 2009

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Yes, you read that right. On DAS tonight, Thom wrote the following:


in the past couple of weeks i’ve been getting a band together for fun to play the eraser stuff live and the new songs etc.. to see if it could work!
here’s a photo.. its me, joey waronker, mauro refosco, flea and nigel godrich.

at the beginning of october the 4th and 5th we are going to do a couple of shows at the Orpheum Theatre in Los Angeles.
we don’t really have a name and the set will not be very long cuz ..well …we haven’t got that much material yet!
but come and check it out if you are in the area. we’ve also got locals Lucky Dragons playing.
all the best

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This would explain why Thom has been in L.A…

UPDATE: Tickets went on sale this morning at 10 am PDT and appear to have sold out. Big shocker there. We would advise for you to keep on checking with Ticketmaster as it is common for additional tickets to be released at any given time.

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  • Rainbow

    What it takes for an artist to loose his credibility, fans’ respect and admiration fully deserved and earned throughout 20 yrs of hard work, of making breathtaking, extraordinary, revolutionary music and contributing to the raising of people’s awareness about key issues regarding our society and planet (it’s simplified, I know, but you get the point).
    Well, it takes:
    – to perform at Grammy’s awards
    – to contribute one song to a mainstream film
    – to travel once in a blue moon to LA to make a side project

    For god’s sake, what’s wrong with some of you??? The attitude of some posters here is so ridiculous, so unbalanced and extreme that it becomes unbearable and simply frightening.
    This place is getting me down really badly.

    Many thanks to those here who still get the right perspective.

  • Rainbow

    it should go: ‘what does it take’
    and I lost question mark at the end of the first sentence
    sorry : )

  • given

    I suppose being at the Grammys was OK for Thom AND Jonny (and didn’t – most of? – the rest of the band band attend too, and didn’t even perform)?

  • pantrus

    analysis 1 take a : dedicated to Rainbow


    [on his/her words ] What it takes for an artist to loose his credibility, fans’ respect and admiration fully deserved and earned throughout 20 yrs of hard work, of making breathtaking, extraordinary, revolutionary music and contributing to the raising of people’s awareness about key issues regarding our society and planet (it’s simplified, I know, but you get the point).
    Well, it takes:
    – to perform at Grammy’s awards
    – to contribute one song to a mainstream film
    – to travel once in a blue moon to LA to make a side project


    pantrus says about this : if for any reason a person or a big huge in the world artist decide to do something [ and there s always a reason even if we dont agree or we just plane don t know it ] and the ” suppose ” fans loose their credibility on him JUST because of that , or the ” suppose ” fans just say so many bad things and very strong bad things [ even when i am sure the artist is smart enough to understand that people acting like that are people with NO LIVES and SAD people ] . . . well . . . i personally rather have NO FANS and LOOSE the ones who act like that

    hope U rainbow pick up my early sunday idea

    the thom worshipper [ yes , the one that keep posting a picture with PHIL i hope you get that idea as well ]

    ps: man/girl . . . have you seen the videos – are you still mad at him ? that was beautiful concert guys . . . what is wrong about it – they re offering entertainment and beautiful sounds and mood for our lives . . . WHAT IS WRONG ABOUT IT ! ! ! ? ? ? ? __even people at the concerts pleaseeeee do it for me . . . shut up and dance man . . . even turn off your phone . . . enjoy and dance . . . you re lucky enough to be there – please – enjoy it for US

  • Chynna

    The pro-Thom posts here had the chance to highly amuse if it weren’t so blatantly appalling at the same time. And the fact that some fans could actually find an ounce of sense on something that was proven to be erroneous information truly magnifies how deeply loyal (albeit blinded) some fans could get when it comes to Mr. Yorke.

    Rainbow, pity you couldn’t see the other side of the argument. It’s not as if I woke up one day and decided to attack Thom out of the blue and on a whim. It has been brewing the last couple of years and I’m fairly certain I’m not a lone soul in this. The truth of the matter is, he has changed and I could just as easily spin the argument, turn it around by saying the following in earnest:

    – Thom Yorke did not earn his credibility, fans’ admiration and respect by pandering to established music organizations. In fact and I wouldn’t be so confident in saying this if I didn’t know it to be true, it was this very stance that had earned him most of that respect, admiration and credibility. Of course, his obvious talent was a major contributing factor too but I wouldn’t be so quick to discount that his anti-establishment viewpoint made the biggest impact on his overall esteemed image. And let’s face it, the Grammys has not been credible for years now and that’s exactly the very reason they shunned this ludicrous awards show year in and year out…well, not until early this year. So again, my question is, what changed?

    – Again, Thom did not earn feverish adulation from fans by writing music for mainstream films. And let’s not kid ourselves shall we? Twilight is not just a mainstream film; it is an extremely profitable commercial movie geared towards teenagers who I suppose are fans of the equally mediocre vampire book series where it was based on. Now I don’t see any problem with this if Thom is actually a fan of the books but he probably isn’t so what’s the point? Is he after the Twilight fanbase? If that’s his reason, well I’ll be damned.

    – Ah, traveling outside of England! This wouldn’t have been an issue if his fellow band members had not made it a point to actually limit their air travels outside of their country for their “own stuff”. But then Jonny implicitly stated it to be greedy and so it’s easy to assume the other band members see it this way too because I don’t think any of them went to other countries to promote their side projects. Only Thom and I thought he was the most serious when it came to anything climate change.

    Now if you still can’t see the point I’m trying to raise well then let’s just agree to disagree. You go on and applaud every decision he makes no matter how questionable it is compared to his past actions/beliefs we came to know that was Thom Yorke. But I can’t just sit and nod and grin like an idiot when he is pissing away his credibility down the drain bit by bit and in doing so tarnish Radiohead’s legacy as well.

    Oh and In Rainbows while very good is hardly revolutionary. I loved it for it showed Radiohead’s softer, more human side but it can never be called revolutionary. The Eraser, TAMTW, Harry Patch, FPABH, The Hollow Earth were disappointing at best and will not be making any revolutions any time soon.

    Having said these things, I still believe and love the band despite my Thom misgivings. I just hope they don’t sit on their laurels and expect all of their fans to just give them pats on the back at all times when they make it almost painful to do that.

  • pantrus

    rainbow i think ” now ” you were making fun actually of the wrong people – instead of that, i was treating you like the opposite – all this is so ridiculous that i am lost – i don t understand and get confuse even with what people say__

    rainbow wherever is the case you know my point and also i add [ from you ] that this become ” simply frightening ”

    still tough [ i know is not that important ] if i misunderstood your point actually all the way around my apologies . . .



    i do not worship thom_i do worship people in general who make me learn and make me consider myself smarter inside of my heart [ not smarter of my brain understand ? ] __please see another worshipping this time not about thom_

    go to my link i’m leaving here and read my blog called m s j o h n s o d a

    please do it – it’s my answer to every single person who’s been writing on this page for days__

    please do not start childish stuff like making fun of my music [ wich i never posted a link before i am not interested on that ] since i am not a musician [ and is not my focus in life ] just a hobbyist musician


  • Rainbow

    @ Given – of course it was OK; I think only Thom and Jonny participated, and gave, btw, outstanding performance with USC Trojan Marching Band. but there are people who somehow think that RH betrayed some ideals that night…

    @ Pantrus – sure, I get your idea and am absolutely with you…

    summing up: I wish people were not so harsh and unfair with their quick statements and judgments. it’s not right to discredit artist’s work, and him as a person, basing the ‘verdict’ upon very emotional reaction above few, in fact not very significant in the long run, events (except last concerts in LA, which I find spectacular).
    using such strong, venomous words (that I’ve found in this thread) like: douchebag, detest and hypocrite in case of Thom is highly unfounded, unjust and slack. the degree of resentment and aversion is completely inexplicable to me.

    ok, I think I’m done : )

  • Rainbow

    oh gosh, what a mess… : )

  • Rainbow

    Chynna, I wish I could discuss with you at full lenghts, pull out all my arguments, but due to my restricted, and not very good English I won’t. [sigh]
    so, in short:
    I need to absolutely emphasize this: Chynna, I agree with you about the Twilight movie, that it’s a commercial, awful crap; I don’t understand Thom’s move in this case and I was very surprised, but I’m far from discrediting him for this. I’m sure he HAD to have some reason, or, merely, he made a gaffe. it happens, even to geniuses.

    “Oh and In Rainbows while very good is hardly revolutionary. I loved it for it showed Radiohead’s softer, more human side but it can never be called revolutionary.”

    true, it’s not revolutionary, although immensely good. almost everything before was though, and that is what I was referring to (I didn’t make it clear previously, my fault).

    “The Eraser, TAMTW, Harry Patch, FPABH, The Hollow Earth were disappointing at best”

    I totally DISAGREE here : ), esp about The Eraser and FPABH.
    but, it’s a subtle question of individual tastes and I guess so it’s not easy to defend one’s position.

    generally: I see your point and understand to some degree. I’m just much more considerate when it comes to claiming that someone’s decisions or choices are totally wrong all the more we are not sure WHY they (the decisions, etc) are made. I just prefer to take time.

  • Rainbow

    “rainbow i think ” now ” you were making fun actually”

    Pantrus, yes, there was an irony in my post and I wasn’t sure if you got me right.
    but it’s all cleared up now I guess : )

  • Rainbow

    arrrrgh, ok, last thing : )

    I think it’s a question of PROPORTIONS: the critique has reached a level alarmingly disproportionate to the alleged or/and real ‘faults’.


  • pantrus

    some control is need it ___everywhere guys __more balance in our thoughts ______we as people who love music should agree to be slightly different in a nice good way ___we should set an example -___and at least use blogs to set examples -no to took like normal rude people__but with our thoughts__uffff rainbow is there ___listen to him/her_we already are 2 here___let s build something nice with our words even if we not agree with something_frank don t even start about the love thing again haha let it just go -i don t force you to follow?!___just let it flow – why no ? __as i let you go, but if i say something, i am trying to go for the positive____wouldnt you like to see something different around you ? that s nice – that s living – not just killing time [ upps worship again ]

  • nightowl

    What surprises me is that some young people have so conservative opinions…
    I´m sorry for them.

  • Chynna

    Rainbow, I’ve said pretty much what I wanted to say. English is not my primary language either so obviously I might not be able to express in full detail what I truly mean most of the time. But in this case, I tried my best and that’s just about it. Yes, I’m quite aware his recent decisions have not had any sort of answer or explanation, the thing is, I doubt he would ever oblige us with anything other than continue with what he has been doing now. Whether or not that sits well with their fan base, well that’s another thing. I am in the left side of this argument and will remain that way until I see somewhat of a positive change. One can be considerate, sure, and I laud you for that but I simply cannot bring myself to be as magnanimous when things are piling up one after another, things that leave me baffled and frustrated…and I’m not even a young fan, far from it.

    Positive change = No more unexpected change in personality

  • Chynna

    Also, Thom is not the first artist to ever be labeled as douche bag, hypocrite, sellout and other demeaning labels. He was not the first to receive such venomous vitriol. Highly unfounded? Says who? Do not be too sensitive as if poor ole Thom is a victim here. Kurt Cobain had experienced far more lambasting in his hay days and I don’t remember anyone shielded his sensitive psyche from such attacks.

  • Rainbow

    Chynna, as for your English — you sound like a native speaker. amazing, how good your English is. and I assure you’ve provided me with full details in the subject, and I appreciate that a lot.
    I’m not a young fan either (veeeery far from being such : ), and maybe that’s because I’m defending Yorke so firmly. just from my own experience I know that things are not so black and white as they used to be when I was young and had very rigid, immature view of matters and life (that by no means doesn’t mean I think you have). it would be wonderful if Thom explained his recent, controversial actions in some future interview which would end up our speculations, but of course he has no such obligation whatsoever.
    believe me Chynna, I’m being also bemused and puzzled with Thom lately. but the only criticism I’m able to address him now is: ‘well, he’s acting strangely’. that’s it. I won’t call him names, won’t assume he’s selling out, etc. — because I think it’s too soon to sum it up. also, I give him a priori this ‘credit of trust’ due to everything he’s done so far, due to spectacular music and due his life attitude in general, because his righteousness and strong morale has become kind of legendary. that’s perhaps what you call ‘being besotted’ and I think it’s only being not hasty : ) of course, my credit and patience and consideration are not inexhaustible.

    well, time will tell.
    Chynna, thank you for this conversation. I’m glad we’ve talked it trough. it’s been a pleasure despite differences between us : )
    take care.

  • Rainbow

    “that’s because I’m defending”

    ups, sorry: that’s WHY I’m defending.

  • pantrus

    not my words__i guess it’s an answer to all of us . . . even when an old post.

    “They certainly seem to be writing my lyrics for me; if I’m ever stuck for an idea I go and read them.” T.Y.

  • Chynna

    I want Thom Yorke to be as unhappy as I am. When I have free time, I like to belittle people I don’t know on the internet. I feel a lot better about myself afterward. Cheers.

  • Frank

    Chynna – I’m glad there’s someone else out there that feels the same way as I do.

    Rainbow – Thank you for providing your part of the argument. Although I may not agree, it’s nice to hear other points of view. One way to be open minded is to listen to everyone’s points of view.

    Skylar & Pntrs – Sorry for being rude. Pntrs, I still don’t understand half the things you say but I guess it might just be me.

  • pantrus

    frank ___is not only you __don t worry ___i understand that__i learnt to live with that ___grammar and my ideas are hard to be understood____heard you__still tough that s not rude___some other things and the way you said them were rude ___and not even rude to me


  • Here is my video of the concert, complete and uncut!

    That is just a link to the first part. The rest will follow and the entire thing should be live by tonight!

  • pantrus

    ! ! ! thank you mortalis ! ! – enjoying the full concert now ! !

  • pantrus

    thank you thom yorke and band . . . i had such a beautiful fun and dance here . . . even when not at the concert . . . hope everything keeps going TY RH etc etc etc and just such a great MOOD from any artist, like you all created these 3 nights


  • pantrus

    doesn’t get more fun than this . . . it wouldn’t be normal . . .is it ? paper bag page 1 .2.3


    ps: got new ?

  • Chynna

    Oh wow, some very mature doofus felt like using my handle to make himself/herself feel better. Now that’s mighty low for even the staunchest supporter of Thom Yorke.

  • Chynna

    Rainbow, you’re being pretty nice eh?;) I have bad English, very limited but it’s nice of you to think it’s alright.:) I can assure you that there are gray areas in my thinking too, not only black and white; it’s just that Thom’s recent actions has been too drastic of a change from what we know him to be. It was too sudden to sit well with me. Now If he hasn’t established himself as a credible musician who’s very anti-establishment for years then I wouldn’t have minded so much but since he pretty much built his reputation and Radiohead’s around being that…well, it leaves me out feeling cold. It really does and I can’t help it. But I’m not going to throw my love for the band just like that…I’m willing to forgive Thom for his recent “malady” and hold midlife crisis culpable of said acts…provided he doesn’t do another stunt and follow that up with another and another.

    And thanks bunches to your POV too. I admit I can be a little too blunt to the point of perceived rudeness but that’s just the way I am. Hopefully, Thom just takes it easy for now and do less surprising acts of weirdness to acclimatize the fans who truly, genuinely believed him for what he stood for…all the good things he stood for in the past years.

  • Chynna

    @ Frank: Likewise.:)

  • Skylar.

    Yay! Everyone’s happy again!

    Or so the hope goes.

  • Rainbow

    Chynna, I’m so relieved it wasn’t you on Oct 5 at 12:38 pm… poor joke it seemed.

    Skylar, yep, we are. as a matter of fact there’s no way to be unhappy now: a new album is on the way (reportedly). can we want anything more, dream of anything else? no, of course not.
    wonderful winter ahead of us : )

  • Chynna

    Does anyone know how true the news is regarding the new lp? I want to believe Ed and NME so much but we don’t really have anything finite do we? Until we see it on DAS at least. Although I have to say, I’d like it very much if the new record would go the dark route because I miss the comfort that feeling HTTT gave me. And please Thom, please let Jonny go insanely wild on this album, just this once and I will bury the hatchet for good! Just let him rip that f*cking tele like there’s no tomorrow, okay?;)

  • Chynna

    Bawahahahahahahah!!! Thom Yorke won’t do whut I want.

  • Chynna

    Bwaaaaahahahahahahahaha!! I am so f*cking original I use other posters names to attach my lame posts on. How’s that faker? I don’t have any illusions on Thom doing exactly what I want. I’m just posting an opinion like the rest.

  • Skylar.

    Chynna needs therapy imo.

    Gotta agree on the Jonny bit though. More technical guitar please.

  • Skylar.
  • Chynna

    Heh, if i need therapy then Radiohead’s more rabid fans need to be institutionalized. I am but a small demented fish in an ocean of loony piranhas. And for the record, I will not be insulting myself in my own posts so obviously someone needing major attention felt the need to use my name.

  • Skylar.

    I thought the “imo” would make it obvious that it was a joke. ;-).

  • Chynna

    It’s alright Skylar. I’ve an acerbic personality and don’t take to jokes very kindly unless it’s a flat-out obvious joke.:P

  • Ricardo is ashamed of you people.

  • pntrs

    pntrs is ashamed of you people. [ as well ]

  • le pantrü [ aka pantrus ]

    gigabytes of music [ what do we really like ? ]

    so we carry so much music on our i-tunes . . . so much memory . . . so many songs . . .

    this morning i woke up and i went over my i-tunes and i said . . . what is the music that I TRULY never get tired to listen to again and again throughout the years . . . it can t be everything on my library . . . so i show you my results and i am being very realistic since i left behind lot of music . . .

    so this is what i NEVER get tired of . . . i would love to read the same from other people because we can learn a lot from each other –

    Boom Bip
    The Cinematic Orchestra
    The Cure
    Daniel Melingo
    Explosions in the Sky
    Faith No More
    Four Tet
    Jaga Jazzist
    Lali Puna
    Little People
    Lymbyc Systym
    Malcolm Middleton
    Marconi Union
    The Mercury Program
    Mice Parade
    Ms. John Soda
    Nick Drake
    The Octopus Project
    Pink Floyd
    Plan B
    Red Sparowes
    Saxon Shore
    The Six Parts Seven
    Smashing Pumpkins
    This Will Destroy You
    Thom Yorke
    U2 [ yes -believe it or not ]

    this is real . . . no bullshit

  • Kid Id


    Thanks for putting into words the whole of my current Thom disappointments. Would the Yorke of “Meeting People is Easy” be jumping at the chance to do a song for THE teenybopper film of the year? This from a man who supposedly hates mainstream media attention. You may compare this to Radiohead’s entry into the Romeo + Juliet soundtrack, but not only was the band at a hugely different moment in its career, but Twilight is total comercial BS, whereas R+J is a wild, idiosyncratic freak-out cloaked in Elizabethan English. At the very least, Thom should be lending his name to worthwhile projects, as Jonny did with There Will Be Blood.

    And the recent singles, good intentions aside, suck. I much preferred their old approach: disappear for a while, reappear with an impeccably crafted album, tour. Even as b-sides, this new shit is weak– compare it to “Fog” or “Bishop’s Robes” or “Last Flowers”– or any number of other Radiohead curios– these songs just weren’t there yet. Hell, “Pulled Apart” was way better in it’s original live incarnation.

  • Sarah

    Thom Yorke’s shows in Los Angeles probably will end up at the top of all best LA gigs lists of the year. All professional (and audience) reviews were ga-ga over him. FACT. Anyone stating the contrary is just trying to cover the brilliance that is Mr. Yorke. He had the right to promote his solo work and he did it in the best way possible. He had a kick ass song like Hearing Damage and it is on the soundtrack of a movie with songs of some other very good artists as well, reaching a whole new audience, no harm done. He did one of the best covers ever with All For The Best. His EP was widely well reviewed around the world. And now he is again rehearsing with Radiohead, behind the curtains, working hard, as he always did. Some of the comments here make me feel ashamed of some so called Radiohead fans. The band supports Thom, it is all he needs. And if you are blasting him for being such an incredible and prolific artist, you are blasting all the other members as well.

  • pantrus, id have to agree with a lot of those bands…im surprised how some of the lesser knowns match up so well…nice.

  • hehe i love the lesser knowns . . . that s the music that truly move my life . . .

    nice to hear from U vinny . . .

    [ ps : …i just like to get inspired. . . i love the street layers project . . . ]

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