Surprise Thom Yorke Show at Echoplex this Friday?

by Jonathan on September 30, 2009

Thom and Nigel at the Roosevelt, Los AngelesRumors are buzzing about a surprise Thom Yorke + new band show this Friday at the Echoplex in Los Angeles. Radiohead’s publicists are not confirming or denying the rumor and it’s not quite clear if this show would be open to the public or if it’s a special guest list type of thing. More info on this when we get it.

Word on the street is that Thom did another DJ set last night at the Roosevelt. Did you see it?

In related news, details about the upcoming shows at the Orpheum in L.A. have arisen. Mauro Refosco, the Brazilian percussionist that is in Thom’s new band, discussed the setlists in an interview with The band is prepared to play the full Eraser album, as well as four new songs. More information about Mauro can be found here.

Lastly, there is a lot of speculation out there that Radiohead as a band is over. The band’s publicists have made it clear that this is not the case and Thom even said that this new project is just for fun.

UPDATE: Thom confirmed that the show is happening!

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  • Suprefan

    Yep I was there, thats my photo, thanks!!!

  • natalieee

    well then your lucky..

  • giuliana

    well then.

  • pntrs

    worshiping II take 3 : people was wandering why LA and that – i think [ besides he has some good energy there friends or so probably ] i think he is giving a free lesson on how british artist or celebrities [ even when they don t act like that ] go around the world as a normal person – that not everything has to be so fUc#$$g show off or things like that

    pantrus at night gets a little bit stupid on his ideas like others – so sorry ’bout that – just slippery here down south . . .

    [ peace ] always [ peace ] . . . slippery or not – first, peace

  • Skylar.

    Pantrus, I love you.

    Eh. Don’t know what to think right now.

  • jack g

    “Thom even said that this new project is just for fun.” And the $$$$, someone got to pay the bills.

    I’m gonna be camping outside the Orpheum so if anyone winds up with a spare ticket I’ll be happy to pay for it!

  • pntrs

    Skylar__again ___in one of the worst times in my life [ i am 37 ] , personal worst times of my life, words like yours are very strong for me ____and very nice_

    thank you __just recognition on my thoughts is so important in these times, that you are helping a lot_same absolutely the same for vinny._____

  • Jakobe

    not a surprise now, is it?

  • Sheepchair

    All I gotta say is that someone better be at these shows getting soundboard recordings and then plastering that shit all over the web.

  • wreck


  • Diana Greenwood

    DJ THOM (YORKE)!!!ooool

  • Diana Greenwood


  • donnymeandude

    I think it would be: DJ Tchock

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