“Eraser Band” to do small gigs in April, Radiohead busy in the studio

by Jonathan on January 20, 2010

During Thom’s co-host stint earlier this morning on Gilles Peterson’s show, he dropped the following news:

“The Eraser Band that I got together, we’re going to do something, hopefully in April. Just small gigs, and then maybe that’s going to lead somewhere as well – there’s lots of stuff going on.”

While pursuing his solo project, Yorke assured Radiohead fans that the band are still keeping busy in the studio: “There’s a lot that’s underway at the moment. My trouble is trying to keep up, but I prefer it that way.”

It was announced yesterday that Thom’s “Eraser Band” will be performing at Coachella April 16-18.

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  • chop

    Great news!

    What’s up with the change of fonts though?

  • r.e.d.r.u.m.

    …Europe? I’m so jealous US is getting so much Eraser love 😀

  • Rob Equiza

    Seriously, they should come up with a real name soon!

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