Video of new Radiohead song “Lotus Flower”

by Jonathan on January 25, 2010

In case you haven’t heard or seen it, here’s a video of Thom performing the new song, “Lotus Flower,” last night at the Radiohead for Haiti benefit show in Los Angeles.

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  • cris dailey

    sounds like ‘follow me around’…

  • wish they had played more new songs 🙁

  • jAMES

    Definitely the same chords he’s been messing around with since the OK Computer days from what was “follow me around”

  • Melty

    Seconded. same chords.
    how much did they raise? anyone knows it?

  • The Woman Down the Hall

    I love this song as “Lotus Flower”. I could never get into “Follow Me Around”

  • Looks like they raised over 500,000 dollars.

  • pantrus [ the stupid dreamer ] [ but i am not the only one ]

    i know that only with money we wont change this crazy world . . . but do you guys realized that with one radiohead concert they raised THAT much money . . . imagine how easy would be to get this world better if we really would want to do so . . .

    thumbs up radiohead_big fucking time ___

  • Mike

    sounds ALOT like ‘follow me around’ Good Ear!!

  • Mike

    I love their music to death, I really do, but im getting kinda sick of Radiohead just jumping on to every charity bandwagon and social improvement movements without really looking into them…case in point, Thoms involvment with the whole climate change scheme the Jewish Mass Media is trying to foist upon us. Thom wake the fuck up man! you are smart enough to make such beautiful music, how about you start thinking for yourself???

    A concerned

  • ethan

    To Mike, Thom has been concerned with climate change for quite some time now, they didnt “just jump on the bandwagon.” And secondly, did you really ask Thom to start thinking for himself?

  • the guitar part that opens the song reminds me of The Patient by Tool. beautiful artists. all these guys.

  • It’s odd that they have a song titled the same as one the artists that Thom was recently touting on Dead Air Space, One Little Plane, who had recently toured with them.

  • Andrew


    Did you honestly just say “Jewish Mass Media”? And do you really doubt climate change? Mike, do everyone a favor and just stop talking. You’re an idiot. Thom Yorke doesn’t need advice from a waste of space wanker like you.

  • Nipplestiltskin

    Yeah Mike, shuuut it… Waste of Space Wanker… Fuck thats funny… and quite true.

    This song is simple and mesmerizing. That’s all that matters is this awe inspiring 4 minute wonder, that will be quite cool to hear treated by the band. I really feel that no matter where they play live (in whatever venue), they make the event is vital and alive, and is actually a lot more news than 95 percent that pass for such on tv any given day.

  • Julie Bing

    I really liked the song. I thought it sounded very…[insert positive adjectives here].

  • Mike, Open Your Eyes

    @ Mike, Serously? I thought fans of radiohead were intelligent people, not fucking nazi fascists. The Third Reich is long gone, my friend. End the charade.

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