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by Jonathan on February 1, 2010

Stumbled upon this link at our message board, Mortigi Tempo.

Dear ——–,

Bryan helped transform a house in the Hollywood Hills into a recording studio and spent the last three weeks there recording Radiohead with Nigel Godrich. On Saturday, we waded through a driveway full of Priuses and Minis to get to the wrap party. I was giddy seeing Beck, Selma Hayek and Danger Mouse chatting around the same pool where Dean Martin and the Rat Pack used to hang out. I marveled at the hair on one rock star that resembled one of those fuzzy boom mic covers. How exactly did he describe what he wanted to his hairdresser? I guess it was just proof rock stars can get away with stuff regular folks can’t. Thom Yorke periodically toyed with the iPhone that controlled the speakers. Usually he skipped forward to a Rolling Stones song. The band wanted to record in L.A. to get away from the dismal English winter. Nigel said they were probably lolling about too much in the sunshine when they first arrived. When it started pouring down, they realized someone up there was telling them to get on with it. If their last album was “In Rainbows,” I guess they could call this one “In Rainstorms.”

Bryan is most likely Bryan Cook, a music mixing engineer from LA. He updated his twitter with this little nugget:

is enjoying the afterglow of a career highlight: 3 weeks of recording Radiohead with producer Nigel Godrich!

Well, there you go.

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  • aaadm

    i remember reading something where Ed said they were gonna lock themselves away and record during the winter months and mentioned how that’s what they did when they recorded kid a / amnesiac. for some reason this made me hopeful for more kid a style experimentation… which i guess doesn’t necessarily require frigid cold depressing weather but i figured it couldn’t hurt…. i don’t know what i’m trying to say…. i guess after seeing the grammy’s i am skeptical that anything good can come out of L.A. and i hope none of that vibe contaminates their efforts. i’m just saying…..

  • jakob

    @aaadm i know how ya feel. some of the stuff that comes out of that place is very discouraging as far as creativeness and just plain good music comes. but come on! this is the radioheads we’re talking about! hopefully they can filter out the sludge that comes with their environment.

  • ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh !!!!!!!!! i wish i got stuck on the past ___i don t want to know anything else but waking up and reading the new material its done ____this hurts _____links etc comments etc LA swimming pool etc samples ? etc KIDa yeah ! etc amnesiac yeah etc hail ? etc ahhhhh !!!!!! now i have like 6 or 7 links [ including the new twitter links etc ] to follow everyday etc etc fuck ! i wish i wish it was the 60 ‘s __I wish, I wish, I wish that something would happen ______ but i didn t want to know ______how to get rid of that ? can ‘t _etc

  • Thomosexual

    wow this brightened my day. Does this mean they’re finished recording??? maybe we can expect some more official news soon? Or maybe a DAS post from jonny telling us it will be released in 10 days ;P

  • p a n t r u s

    RH if u re reading . . .

    Red Sparowes L.A.: we play a special set of mostly-improvised songs under the name Mockingbirds this Thursday, 2/4 at Spaceland with Imaad Wasif.

    pntrs recommend

  • jj

    maybe with all the global warming failed talks, they wanted to put themselves into an area where they would become disgusted with their surroundings to bring that anger out even further. plus, they probably had the material ready to go before they came to L.A. and are simply recording so it’s unlikely that LA has influenced their song writing in any way…imaad wasif is amazing! saw him with the dead weather. great opening act…

  • Yuri

    disagree with aaadm, I Will LA version is really good, so anything good can come out of LA.
    Ahh.. finally the’re back in studio!

  • P

    Heatwaves on the runway
    As the wheels set down
    He takes his baggage off the carousel
    He takes a taxi into town
    Yellow schools of taxi fishes
    Jonah in a ticking whale
    Caught up at the light in the fishnet windows
    Of Bloomingdale’s
    Watching those high fashion girls
    Skinny black models with raven curls
    Beauty parlor blondes with credit card eyes
    Looking for the chic and the fancy to buy

    He opens up his suitcase
    In the continental suite
    And people twenty stories down
    Colored currents in the street
    A helicopter lands on the Pan Am roof
    Like a dragonfly on a tomb
    And business men in button downs
    Press into conference rooms
    Battalions of paper minded males
    Talking commodities and sales
    While at home their paper wives
    And paper kids
    Paper the walls to keep their gut reactions hid

    Yellow checkers for the kitchen
    Climbing ivy for the bath
    She is lost in House and Gardens
    He’s caught up in Chief of Staff
    He drifts off into the memory
    Of the way she looked in school
    With her body oiled and shining
    At the public swimming pool …

    … Shining hair and shining skin
    Shining as she reeled him in
    To tell him like she did today
    Just what he could do with Harry’s House
    And Harry’s take home pay

  • Mike

    HHHHEEEEELLLLLLL YYYYYEEEEESSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • steller

    p a n t r u s, what are you?

  • p n t r s

    steller i am not a 100 % sure i understood the question . . .

  • Geoff

    @ P A N T R U S

    Enough of the selfish plug! also i think your head should be looked at. Anyways, I hope the new album is Kid A’ish. Best album. EVER. What, what was that you tried to say?

  • p n t r s

    geoff i completely agree with the head situation _i am working on it [ no jokes ] [ but i am innofensive ] ___ i didn t understand that about the selfish plug as i didn t understand the ” what are u ” question from steller ___i am not being smart ass i just didn t __

    also [ i am very open to conversations tonight . . . i am so bored . . . ] [ on your words : @ P A N T R U S What, what was that you tried to say? ] what i tried to say was that there were two colours in my head___@ least i agree with the KID A part of yours . . . even when i wouldn t say [ on your words : Best album. EVER ] i would say ” I PERSONALLY feel that its the best album ever .

    still though please don t fight me . . . this should be about radiohead anyway right ?

  • P N T R S, I think they’re trying to say that blog comments are not a place to promote self, but rather a place to discuss the contents of the actual blog.

    (RE: The post about your show February 1st)

    In any case, hope the show went well.

  • le pantrü della sansit

    oh my holy gosh . . . people are always expecting the worst . . . but thank you Q for trying to help me understand __

    still its so funny if that is the case __that wasn t my show . . . i mean . . . I WISH I WAS either red sparowes [ hehe ] or Imaad Wasif hahah . . . i wish __but that is not the case . my comment reads RH: blah blah blah __and end it up with ” pantrus recommend ” __i read about that show and since everyone [ and of course for a good reason ] were talking about LA i thought it was a great show . . . in L A . . .

    that s it
    i am absolutely nobody . . . i ve been trying to play music [ or different music ] for about 6 or 7 years now and i still don t know what a G note is . . . i wasn t promoting myself i was really dreaming about people [ actually someone close to RD ] read this G P blog and actually tell them hey ! red sparowes [ incredible good band ] are playing . . . do you want to go ?

    again [ i think the reason wasn t my red sparowes blog ] i am just trying to clarified the situation but . . .

    i wrote a beautiful spanish poetry book . . . [ should i promote it here ? ] . . .

    thank you Q . . . we need people like U . . . also i truly think your blog is really well done and wow you are a great artist [ clip from a song probably going on my project…. wow ! ! ! ]

    peace GP

    ps : i will stop checking every 10 minutos news about RD album . . . i think its affecting me geoff haha

    ps II : i wont stop

  • Tara

    @ Geoff

    Don’t get your hopes up for a Kid A ish LP8. Listen to some of the new songs from Thom’s show at the Orpheum last year and you will get an idea of their direction.

  • Adam


    What makes you think that just because Thom has a few news songs in his solo act that those are the songs that will be released on LP8. I’m not saying they definitely aren’t gonna be the kind of songs-or even the songs themselves-but not I never really got the impression these would be RH’s new songs until you said it. Now what I personally would hope, although what I think is much different, that RH releases a new album that’s essentially half Kid A and half In Rainbows. Then Thom could release a new solo album sometime down the line with these new songs he’s been playing or just new material entirely. Perhaps he’ll even have his new band play on his next solo LP, assuming there will one day be one. I finally want to say that I’m not sure how I feel yet about the new songs Thom premiered in his solo shows. Lotus Flower is good. The others all seemed a little tired, even Lotus sorta has this feel. Maybe it’s in my head. Afterall, the only song off IR I enjoyed upon my first few couple listens was 15 step and now it’s one of my all time favorite albums. But I’m just hoping we get something really kick ass the way they surprised us with OKC, Kid A, and IR.

    I also want to briefly point out that I think after Amnesiac, the closest thing to Kid A we currently have is The Eraser.

  • aaadm

    i found the little bit that i was originally referring to (interview with Ed):

    The next album promises to be “typical Radiohead”, he said. “We’re going into the studio in winter. It’s always miserable! Are we at the whim of the seasons? We are! When you’re in a studio in the countryside, the music you make is definitely affected by what season it is.”

  • joey

    People- I have read a lot on this band- I am sure others on here have as well…. Kid A came out at a time when Radiohead was in that state of mind. That is why Hail to the Theif wasnt Kid A. That is why In Rainbows wasnt Kid A. Kid A should be left alone for what it is. Kid A is a stand out album and I hope it remains that way. I LOVED In Rainbows, but it seems that wasn’t as favorable as other albums, but why? Its absolutely Gorgeous- lyrics and all!! Whatever they come out with- if your not happy with it- thats your loss, not theirs. If it takes me 10 full on listens to like their album…then I got my $’s worth and then some. I love and respect the fact that they always try to reinvent their music- Depending on my mood, depends what album I’d feel like listening to- and Im curious how their going to go from In Rainbows.

  • P N T R S

    I AM GAY

  • le pantrü della sansit

    hahaha good call – but i am not – anyway anything wrong with being gay ?

    i f not being an idiot in life its only related to be gay you can call me gay _ what s the problem with that anyway ___i believe in something better _ what s wrong with that ?_ sadly nothing better will happen with people like U in this world _

  • I agree with joey. Personally, I hope (and am confident), that we won’t get another Kid-A or OK Computer, but rather the first _________. Great artists aim for reinvention. Radiohead has been consistant in giving us something new with each go around. Hell, I think Amnesiac and OK Computer are VASTLY different albums and they were both recorded at the same time.

    The new songs I’ve found on youtube are amazing and if they’re any indication of what’s to come, we’re all in for all sorts of goodness.

    P N T R S, thanks for the great compliments and taking time to check out the site! It means the world. You have no idea.

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  • PK

    From the interviews Thom has given, he has said they are done with Albums…

    I expect an EP…an awesome one. 😛

  • le pantrü della sansit

    Q you deserve it __neat job there ___


    14.5 ” in the last 24 hours, bringing our season snow total to about 299.5″! Looks like we’ll be the first in the US to hit 300″

    sounds weird [ but its related to radiohead ] . . . and snow always bring nice things ! ! ! and nice mood ! ! ! . . . i hope they re still recording there . . .

  • i think i will have to create a dispositive so that when I play The Present Tense Thom Yorke Latitude Festival my computer explode so i force myself to stop listening to it [ i can t really stop __it s so nice and great and smart ]

    Q leaving my link to my beginner [ even when i am old haha ] tunes __you dont have to comment about it but i really wanted to share that with you [ sorry Geoff for what U will say its again a selfish plug, i think it s almost the opposite since I am kind of ashamed of my music ] __either way . . . Geoff I love U . . . i hope u re gay as well __

  • jj : “maybe with all the global warming failed talks, they wanted to put themselves into an area where they would become disgusted with their surroundings to bring that anger out even further. ”

    Remember Hail to the Thief’s artwork ? You may be on to something there. Or maybe this album is more joyful and uplifting–putting shadows back into boxes, so to be speak and they wanted somewhere sunny and warm with good studios instead of a bleak, rainy cold winter in UK (despite what ed said).

    As for Thom, he says all sorts of things that change quickly.

    “P” nice lyric/poetry. Excuse my lack of knowledge. Where did it come from ?

  • p n t r s

    can it be possible that i never understand ?

    1_is ” P ” myself ?
    2_if so . . . what lyrics/poetry are we talking about ?
    3_and if is what i am thinking about, just press on “lyrics” on the same place and you ll have your answer

  • p n t r s

    i made a terrible mistake ___pls get me out of here . . .

  • Tara

    @ JJ
    The boys were in L.A. to record, but they were also on holiday and to get away from the dreary winter in Oxford. Thom said so himself at the Radiohead for Haiti concert. And Nigel said something about them enjoying the sunny weather in L.A…. until it started raining hahaha. They seem to be very happy here. I hope they decide to move to L.A. :)))))

  • I think I remember seeing an interview in which Ed said that there would be a full album, but they just weren’t sure how to release it. In either case EP, LP as long as I get to hear something, right?


    P N T R S, “Street Lights on Hallow Street Corners”, is serious business!

  • pantrus

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    go to dead air space [ all this is getting just better ! ! ! ]

    ps :

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    ! ! !

  • Rob Equiza

    Well I’ll be damned!!!

  • Adam

    I see nothing notable on dead air space. Unless there’s something important about the songs Thom posted under the “number 13s” post…but I don’t understand the meaning of that really.

  • daniel

    They changed the site for the new album

  • Jakobe


    you sure about that?

  • Matt Deckard


    Yep, they just lost the In Rainbows theme and changed it to a design I’ve never seen before, which I suspect will match the design of the new album.

  • Matt Deckard

    Here (if it will ever load for you) is what the site had looked like since In Rainbows was released, until this week .

    And um, here is what it looks like now:

  • daniel

    The design also matches the kind of music they’ve been working on. The music been really simple and minimalistic(not in a bad way), and the site’s just white with some grey teeth.

  • ppnnttrrss



  • jakobe



  • Genevieve

    ahhhh my god :]
    i really can’t wait for the new album, i actually quite like the new look haha,
    maybe they’re just getting started on it, and they’re still working on it?
    or maybe not haha.
    i wonder what the album’s going to be called?

  • be funny if they come out with another Pablo Honey. . . . . that’s be the biggest surprise (I’m not saying a good one)

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