Nice Dream

by Jonathan on February 1, 2010

Things are slow so why don’t you enjoy this acoustic performance of “Nice Dream” by Thom.

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  • Nikola

    I just love this version! 🙂

  • philsurrrh

    recorded at musiqueplus in 95, the other song played was street spirit on that 12 chords

  • Elias81

    I also find this acoustic version of “You” for Mtv.

    This exact recording is in the Gagging Order Acoustic Sessions Album.
    Hope you like it!

  • Tony

    I like how he sang:”this is much” during the bridge since he was performing at MuchMusic in Canada.

  • Stefano Vallone

    Just outstanding, what a song and a voice. Something so compelling made to sound so simple. The studio versions not half bad either. Could say the same about all their songs.

  • Sarah Jane

    Absolutely timeless and beautiful, I have been in love with Thom and Radiohead ever since I first heard them when I was 12. It seems as though Thom is making love to this music, whilst creating it at the same time. Fascinating. I completely adore him and the band, they are the greatest band on this earth !!!!!!!! I keep finding new versions of their songs I have never heard… they never stop amazing me. and just their whole progression from the early years til now is incredible. I am obsessed with looking forward to witnessing what they will do in the near future. Thank you to the creators of this website, it’s the best Radiohead worshipers site i have come across. Much love !!!! I cannot WAIT for the new album wow. and to see them again !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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